Love…do we know where it comes from?

Today, the word itself is used so much until the meaning of it is diluted to the point of the word not having a real meaning at all. Can we get back to a point where words mean something and actually are felt when they are said? Is it possible to make life itself mean something again or have we drifted so far away from our intent and our passion that life itself just doesn’t mean anything anymore? How did we get this way and why? We have drifted so far away from God until our beliefs and our character is more in line with Satan today, whether we worship him or not. Of course that is fine with him because if he can get us to turn away from God and His love and teachings, then we who follow him during this life will follow him into eternity. By then it will be too late to change your mind and he will be laughing at you when  you claim to have been a deacon in church or you taught Sunday school for twenty years or so. Those things don’t matter if you have never taken Jesus into your heart and made Him the Lord of your daily living!

Love comes from God because He is love and He showed His love for us by giving His Son as a sacrifice to die on the cross so that we can come to know God through Jesus by faith in Him! Today, the word is just that…a word. “Love” to many people doesn’t mean anything at all. It is just a four letter word like hate or some other words in our daily language. But, when you put it into action and really love someone through Christ, it doesn’t matter what they have done or who they may be, you can see them the way that God sees them. They may be filthy and covered with sin or maybe they did give their lives to Christ at one time and have fallen into a ditch full of sinful desires and things, but they are still His.

In this world, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, regardless of our age and yet God loves us and wants us to come to know Him, if we will only turn to Him in faith and ask Him to come into our lives. You don’t have to go across the ocean to witness to others although it is needed and if He calls you to do it then you should. But, God can use you right where you are. When I started this blog six years ago, there weren’t many Christian blogs out there on the Internet, now there are hundreds and I pray that if only one person turns their life over to Christ, that is enough.

Thank you for reading and I pray that you will turn to the Bible and read from Psalm 16 and others.

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