Is Jesus’ message relevant today?

If you aren’t sure if that is a valid question then you probably don’t think so. In my viewpoint and many other Christians who are trying to follow His commandment to take the gospel to the whole world…Yes! His message is very relevant to our world today because it is needed by those who have lost hope or their will to go on. His message is relevant to all who are looking for something to fill that void in their lives. Jesus came and died for all of us, believers and non-believers!

I know that many of you don’t believe that this message is for you, but it is. Particularly now. Why do I say this? Because, regardless of  the way the media treats all of the things which are happening in the world today, we are on the edge of the times spoken of in the book of Revelation. True, the one called the Anti-Christ has not appeared..yet, but the other rumblings of pestilence, wars, persecution of Christians, are all happening now.

So, why do I look at this as a warning to everyone in the world? Because that is what it is…a warning! Turn to Jesus before the end of the age comes! I am not trying to be one of the nuts that you see with the signs that have been around for decades saying that “the end is near”, but in truth it actually is! Whether you believe me or the Bible or not, it is near. Much nearer than it has been in the past.

Jesus came into the world to save those who would answer the call to be saved. If you will seek Him and believe in His sacrifice and His message, you will be saved. Regardless of the sins you have committed in the past, with true repentance and a faithful heart to turn to Jesus…you will be saved!

Is there more to the message? Of course! We should strive to be more like Jesus every day! Like straining to get to the end of a race and cross the finish line, our goal is to be as much like Jesus as we can so that others can see Jesus through us and our words! We are not perfect and won’t be until we have our glorified body in Heaven, but working toward that goal daily makes us less of our sinful self and more like Him every day!

Salvation in Jesus is preferable to being in sin and yet many people reject it. To me that is like someone walking up to you and asking if you would like to have a briefcase full of money and then you just walk away from it because you don’t want to take that which is freely given. I know, the money is something that you can feel and touch so most people wouldn’t turn it down, but consider this: eternity is worth far more than one million dollars! It is worth more even than one hundred billion dollars or one trillion because none of that can be compared to eternity! We can’t comprehend one million years and that is just a drop compared to eternity.

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