The entire Bible in 30 minutes or less

Lord, please come soon! Amen!

Running The Race

*I am sitting in a doctor’s office this morning waiting to be diagnosed with what I am nearly certain is a nasty case of strep throat.

As you can imagine, I don’t feel much like writing a blog post but, sitting here, waiting, with nothing but CNN on the waiting room TV (gag) and the stimulating conversation of people who feel as lousy as I do to keep me company, I started thinking.

Below is something I found a while ago and something any of us can do if we find ourselves with a few spare minutes.

Enjoy 🙂


What can you do in 30 minutes?

How much can you read?
How much TV can you watch?
How many projects can you start and finish?
How many calls can you return?

Suppose you had 30 minutes.
Could you tell the story of the Bible in a half-hour?

Most of us…

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