Why can’t we see each other?

We seem to be blind to the problems around us. As long as things are going our way and each one of us gets the stuff that we want, whether we can afford it or deserve it, no one cares about others anymore. Particularly when the others around you have different skin color or have a culture that is different from yours.

I didn’t say “race” for a reason…we are all part of the human race! We have different cultures, some are radically different from ours. We have different religious backgrounds and some of us don’t have a real “religion” at all, which also causes problems between those who believe one way and those which believe another way.

Even Jesus said that there are two roads, the broad way which leads to destruction and the narrow way which few people find. Think of some songs that you have heard, “Highway to Hell” and “Stairway to Heaven”, they show the possible amount of traffic that we might encounter depending on which direction you go. If you truly take the Bible as the literal Word of God, then we are all descended from one couple, Adam and Eve. That being part of your belief then we can’t be different races at all, but truly brothers and sisters removed by generations of course but still related.

Why can’t or won’t we see this as the truth? What makes it so hard for us to learn about this and understand it? One word and one person specifically, Satan. God is in charge and it is true that Satan has to ask permission when he wants to torment a child of God. But if you don’t belong to God and you haven’t asked Jesus to come into your life then Satan doesn’t have to ask for permission about you at all!

Truly, if you don’t belong to Jesus, then by default you are in Satan’s camp whether you worship him or not, because you are not on the side of God. I know that this is going to upset some people, but it is the truth. You can choose to ignore it if you wish, but whatever happens in your life, is truly by your choice alone. Nobody else is responsible for your fate if you choose to refuse a call from God.

Seeing each other as people, not as hyphenated people or a different race of people but seeing each other as God’s creation and how He sees us. This is something which is hard for us to do. Culturally we have real problems seeing other cultures as people. We want to put a label on each other, whether it is a degrading label or a “racist” label. It is just how we have become over the last few thousand years or so. All of this is learned behavior and we have learned and passed it on to our children and grandchildren.

Please, pray for a revival in  your life and your church. If you don’t believe in God or Jesus, seek them out in prayer and in the Bible. Our country needs Christians to be active in prayer for it and for a revival of faith in our country. See each other as God sees you, His creation and His children that He has given everything to, all you have to do is ask Him for the strength and the faith to claim that which is yours.

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