Live your life …


An image of your DNA from the end. As intricate and complex as it is, God created each of us with His image as the template and your purpose as the outcome. But, I have seen some people speaking about the life of Jesus or rather that His life never was. Your belief or lack thereof is your own and I respect that, but it is my right to believe what I believe.

I am not sure if any of you have read Foxes Book of Martyrs but if you get the chance to do so, you will see through the descriptions from history how Christians have suffered for their beliefs. Truly, these people wouldn’t have suffered through this torture and persecution if their faith was in a lie. True, their faith may have been misplaced if He didn’t live BUT the Word of God is the absolute Truth so He did live and He still does.

The intricate and complex composition of our DNA is not something which came about by accident as some believe. God is the Architect of the Universe as well as our Creator. He is the Artist which placed the stars in their places and He put the nucleotides together which make up each one of us. He knows you and me much better than we know ourselves and better than our parents too.

God knew you and me before He set the foundation of our world and what our life would be too. Since He lives in an area which is outside of Time itself, He can see the beginning and the end of Time at the same instant and He knows what is happening and why. Regardless of your belief in Him or not, He is God just as gravity or light exist without your input or belief so does He.

The part that I think which gives people a hard time is belief in something or someone who they cannot see or touch. The problem that I have with that is that Satan, Buddha and Muhammad are all dead (with the exception of Satan) and you can’t see or touch any of them, yet people believe in their religions and never get offended by them it seems. But, when you mention that you are a Christian and believe in Jesus and His resurrection and forgiveness for all it seems that everyone gets offended before you say anything else!

God gives each of us a choice, just as He did for the angels in Heaven. They are created beings just as we are and they have a choice to serve Him or not. Thousands of years ago, some of them chose not to and were kicked out of Heaven during the rebellion of Satan against God.

It is our choice of whether we will be servants of Christ or choose to serve our own selfish wants and needs which condemns us to separation from God. It doesn’t matter what sins that you have done in your lifetime, how many people who you have hurt or killed or any other sin which comes to mind, the act of turning away from the gift of grace through Jesus and choosing not to accept Him as your Savior is the ONE sin which places you in the company of demons.

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