What should we do?

I read a report today about some research that the Barna group did and here is a small excerpt from that report: The California-based Barna Group reports that the combined number of unchurched people in America, approximately 156 million, would make the eighth most populous country in the world.

What can we do about these people who don’t want to go to church? Can we, as Christians, reach them in ways which might make a difference? I don’t know.

I have heard from some who say that we are all hypocrites and that they don’t want to go to a church service with people who claim one thing and live another. Then, change your own life! Be the Christians that God intends for you to be! If you truly are and you have given your heart to Christ and asked Him to come into your life and change you, then show it! Let people outside the church see Him and not a fictitious version, a fake Jesus, through your life and your actions.

Why do I say this? Because, if they won’t come to church then you may be the only Jesus that some people ever meet! And, if you aren’t being Jesus outside the church walls, then what good are you doing? What is your fruit that Jesus said that you would produce if you really are His disciple and an adopted child of God?

Are you going to fulfill the role of being the “hands and feet” of the church and of Jesus? This is what we are supposed to be doing if we truly belong to Him after all. I know that many of us can’t provide much in the way of monetary help to people in need because many of us are also in need too. Just being a worker for Jesus, showing your Christian character when you are at work or in a public place, essentially practicing your Christianity. That is what we are called to do and to be!

The best part about practicing your faith is that it will be easier for you and it will help you to learn more about being like Christ if you act like Him every day. Just as practice makes you better at sports or music, it also helps with your walk with Christ and since you are doing it every day it will become more genuine to those who don’t go to church with you. Therefore, they will see how you are enjoying life with Christ and they might want that joy with Him too.

You know, it seems that many people think that being a Christian or becoming a Christian will restrict your joy in life or even take the enjoyment out of life and that is not true at all! I have more joy in my life because I am a Christian, not because I pastor a church but because I have a future to look forward to. Not just in my life here but also in the life that I will have in Heaven or on the renewed Earth one day! The best part to look forward to is that time and the measure of it won’t matter anymore!

We will have all of eternity to learn from Abel and Adam and Noah and Abraham. We can know the wisdom of Solomon and of all the people in the scientific past such as Isaac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci (they weren’t agnostic you know).

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