God wants you!


God wants you, not your bank account or your stuff(whatever that might be), He wants you!

There is nothing that we can give to Him which is more valuable than ourselves. He is the One Who gave you what you have anyway, but if you haven’t given your heart and your life to Him then you are missing the point of life itself! He is Life and Truth and when you give your life to Him, then He can begin to work in your life and through you to reach others for Jesus. Allow God to change your perspective this year from a point in front of you to one which is in eternity! God wouldn’t have given His Son’s life on the cross just to blot out your sins unless He wanted you to come to Him in love and be in fellowship with Him every day! Believe it or not, God loves every person on this planet even though He doesn’t like the lifestyle that they live in or even the paths that they have chosen in life. When you give your heart to Jesus, don’t just put Him in the passenger seat and let Him ride with you, it needs to be and should be YOU who is riding along with Him! God can take you places and help you to do some things that you can’t do on your own, but fellowship like this is done on purpose, every day. This what Jesus meant when He said to “take up your cross and follow me” (Matt. 16:24). Seeking God and His wisdom is not a one time meeting every week, it is daily prayer time and reading of the Bible. Meditating on it so that you will understand the lessons contained in it.

This year, many of you need to be coming closer to Jesus so that you can learn from Him and find what you have been missing all of the years of your life. That part of you that feels empty or unfulfilled is the part which Jesus can give meaning and purpose to.

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