Life equals struggle but….

We all struggle in our daily lives at some point, but can we do anything about it? The people in marketing and finance say that we have to build up our portfolio and we will be financially secure. The so-called gurus on television or those who write self-help books point you toward believing in yourself and the goals that you set for yourself. Living your life daily is not hard to do, really, you just get up in the morning and go to work, right? Not everyone can do that though. Some are not able to make that drive or even to get out of bed, then what do you do? Complaining doesn’t help, getting angry at everyone and everything doesn’t help because anger just hurts you from the inside out. Resigning yourself to be the way that you are is like giving up and that is counter productive too.

There is something or rather Someone that can help more than money, power, drugs or anything else that man can dream up. It is turning your life and your heart over to Jesus. Following Him daily by reading and studying His Word. Listen to sermons, regardless of who may be preaching. Yes, times are changing and whether many people want to believe it or not, time is growing short. Yes, we have been waiting a long time…a little less than two thousand years, but the signs which point to the end of that waiting are coming faster every week.

It is a struggle sometimes to get through life on a daily basis and there is a strength that is available to you from your Savior, if you will seek Him out. Please don’t struggle through this life alone, seek out Jesus and He will give you the strength to get through your problems no matter what they are.

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