Is the right person in charge?

Is idolatry real in today’s world? I would say so. If a man takes his own ideas and uses his hands to create something which represents that, then decides to worship it, that is idolatry. Yet, he is worshiping himself.

You might say that, “I’m not guilty of doing that.” Okay…is there anything or anyone that you love more than God? How about fearing something more than God? Do you serve something more than God? Do you trust something more than God?

Then you might say that “I gave God a place in my life”, God doesn’t want a “place”! “Well, I do give God prominence in my life”. He doesn’t want that either, God demands to be first, preeminent in your life and He will take nothing less than that.

If there is anyone or anything in your life that takes precedence over God, confess it and repent of it. Then put the One on the throne in charge who has the right to be Master of your life…the Lord Jesus!

Your life should be in His hands not your own, but our culture especially in America points toward individuality which means “I am in charge and I do what I want with my life”. That is a bold statement and one worthy of an American, but if you are a true follower of Christ then Jesus is supposed to be the One in control of your life. He is supposed to be the One who is driving your life, your family and your business EVERYDAY, not just on holidays and the days which you attend church!

We are supposed to be “little Christs”, that is what the word Christian means, but are we doing that? Everyday, not just on Sunday or holidays! People should be able to look at you and your family and, without you telling them, know that you and your family worship Jesus! We shouldn’t have to tell anyone that Jesus is Lord of our life, it should be evident in our lives ALWAYS!

If it is not, then something needs to change! The signs of the end of the age have mostly come true, so time is growing short! Don’t wait because your tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, give your heart and your life to Jesus because He loves you and He wants the best for you. It is true that His reward may not come to you in this life, but what is this life compared to eternity? If you want the best that can be had in eternity, then decide to follow Him and not yourself because on your own without Christ in your heart you can do nothing!

Life is ours only for a little while, whether it is fifty years, eighty years or one hundred years BUT what is that compared to eternity? A tiny puff of smoke, that is all. Consider the time that we are told in school that the dinosaurs lived, sixty-five million years ago, even that is but a tick in the clock compared to eternity.

Think about it.

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