Pottery or clay?

Have you become hard as fired pottery or are you still able to be changed like clay? In God’s hands we are as clay, in that we are being changed and molded into the likeness of Jesus. This is the way that your life as a Christian is supposed to be, but do we allow God the control in our lives to make us into what we should be? I don’t mean that God will make you something that you cannot be, because He knows what you can be and what you can do! He can mold you into the perfect instrument that can do exactly what you are intended to do and to be!

Will He create in you something that you shouldn’t be? Of course not! God is the Perfect Potter because He made us in His image and He wants us to do His will so why can’t we do this? It is mostly because we have our own free will and we can choose to be and do His will or not. Why on earth would God allow us to do that? Because, if it is not our choice to be His and do His will then we are not showing our love for Him. If He forced us to do His will, then we would be no more than mindless beings that have to do His will regardless. How would your life be if you had no choice in what you did? How would you feel about it? No one in the world would like that at all nor would they enjoy it to any extent, that is why God gave us free will.

He gave the angels free will to choose as well, which is why there was a rebellion in Heaven so long ago. God never intended for creation, mankind or angel, to be required to blindly do His will. He wanted each of us to choose and to be able to choose, because by choosing we are showing our love for Him just as He showed His love for us in the grace and mercy that He gives to us each day.

One thought on “Pottery or clay?

  1. Letting God mold us into what he wants is to surrender to him. He knows why he made us and the purpose for each of us. To cooperate with God is the sure way to realize why we were created

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