What about Christianity?

What is wrong with this idea?

At some point in history, a man comes along which does a lot of good things and teaches others to do so as well. Is it possible that we misunderstood his message? Have we dismissed him as being a good man or a prophet, instead of being the Son of God?

The answer to all of these questions is: YES!!

Why do we look at this Person in history as such a bad influence on society? It has been said that those who believe in Him are dumber and not as in touch with today as those who don’t. Also, that “Christians” are clinging to a crutch that weakens them and society. Most of the scientists of the past couple of centuries WERE Christians! They were looking for a way to prove God’s existence and His majesty in the world around them, not tear His influence out of the pages of history! I choose to believe in God and in His Son, if that offends you FINE. It is just MY belief, if you don’t want to believe in Him then that is your choice.

The thing about the argument that God doesn’t exist is that nobody can prove it, just as they can’t actually prove how planet’s form or evolution itself. Yes, there are fossils in the ground, yes it supposedly takes “millions or billions of years” to do these things like making a planet or evolving from a single cell into a whale or any other creature. Theory is good and I accept them even though I don’t agree with them. Trying to disprove a theory is like running into a brick wall, nothing gets done except a lot of bruised and hurt feelings.

The thing is…you can’t disprove God either. When the time comes, all men will know that He is God and will acknowledge it, whether they believe it or not. You will not be forced into believing it but you will bow to Him, just as Satan will. It seems to upset some people a lot about Christian beliefs even when they claim that they don’t believe in what Christians believe. Why should it bother you so much that my beliefs are not the same as yours? I don’t get in your face because of it!

I don’t care what beliefs that you have as long as you can leave me alone to worship as I please, then I will do the same for you. I will pray for you and those that you are trying to change to your side, but I am not going to get in your face about it. It is a fact that God loves you and everyone else just as much as He loves me and causing a fight or a war over it won’t change it. Before we get into the evil discussion I will just say that unless there was good in the world, nobody would know what evil was in the first place.

God did not create evil. It existed and came into existence because of the ability of angels ability to choose whether to serve God or not. Pride began to lift them up and  they wanted more and didn’t want to be servants of God any longer. Satan wanted to be equal with God and I doubt that if  he had attained that goal, he wouldn’t have been satisfied with it. Now that he knows that he doesn’t have long to deceive humanity, he is doing as much damage as possible to the Earth and to humanity as he can. Through wars, disease, weather, “global warming”, you name it and Satan will use it, if it will turn people away from God or make them blame Him for the problems in the world today.

The love of God and His grace is the only blessing that we have that is keeping it from getting any worse right now. Our world will be in much worse shape when the leader comes along that brings “peace and safety” to the Middle East, because it will only last for a few years and then his true nature will show itself to the world.

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