Do you still carry your own load?

A man was carrying a heavy bag of grain down a country road. Another man in a wagon being pulled by a horse saw the man walking and said to him, “Mister, you need a ride?” And so the man got in the wagon. But he kept the load of grain on his shoulder. The wagon driver said, “Man, put that down and relax!” The rider said, “Oh no. It’s enough for you to carry me without having you carry this too.”

Have you ever done that to the Lord? Do you say, “Lord, I’ll let You save me, but I’ll carry my own burdens.”

How foolish to do this with the God who hung the stars and planets.

The idea that we are somehow saving God the burden of helping us or carrying our load for us is truly foolish. As stated above, He who created and placed the stars and planets can surely take care of our problems, no matter their size. We are individuals yet we are dependent upon our community, if we are being true to ourselves. We are also dependent upon God, whether we choose to believe in Him or not. The sun shines because He put it where it is, so does the moon. Every part of our physical world, from the smallest atom to the largest star or galaxy was created by God.

Those of you who don’t believe this, its okay that you have a different opinion than mine. It doesn’t bother me that you choose not to believe. But, because you don’t, doesn’t mean that I have to explain myself to you in any way. I also don’t need to apologize because of my belief. If you don’t like it, don’t read this. Go somewhere else which suits you better.

God loves you and has made a way for you to be sanctified and saved whether you believe in Him or not. The only thing that is stopping you is your choice to believe in Him and His grace or not.

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