Are you ready for Jesus?

One time I told someone who came into the place where I worked that I was ready for Jesus to come and the very next words from their mouth was, “I am not, I have too much I want to do before He comes back.” The attitude expressed in this statement is that life is over when He comes! Why would you think that? If you belong to Jesus, your life will never end so when you arrive in Heaven so your life is really just beginning.

Why would someone think that life ends when Jesus comes? If you are a sinner and there are some things that you want to do that Jesus wouldn’t approve of then from that point of view, I can understand. But, if you don’t belong to Jesus when He comes to call the church to Heaven then you will be left behind during the worst time on the Earth.

During the flood of Noah’s day, when the rain and the fountains of the deep broke open, the people of Earth drowned except for the eight that God saved on the ark. During the Tribulation, there will be seven seals, seven bowls and seven trumpets with each one being a specific plague or punishment for those on Earth. The difference during this time will be that there will be some who will still be able to come to faith in Jesus, although it will be hard and dangerous to do so.

Many people think that God will remove the possibility of salvation when He takes the church to Heaven, but I believe that He will not do that even though faith and believing in Jesus will be dangerous for those living at this time. This belief is mine, and it has not been taught in seminaries because they have been taught that the Holy Spirit will be taken from the Earth before this time. God may do this but I think that He will give everyone who chooses not to worship the Antichrist the opportunity to learn about and come to faith in Jesus the Christ.

My own beliefs may have been influenced by some of the books that I have read about the end times, but also by my own prayer and study of God’s Word, but your own life and the message that you get from the Bible is yours. The truth contained in God’s Word is God’s Truth and since He cannot lie, then I accept it as such. The writers who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the words were men, but those forty men could not have produced a book of such accurate and truthful proportion without the Spirit’s guidance. Especially the books from over a thousand years before Christ, which describe His death on a cross exactly and all of the other prophecies which point to Jesus which were written so long before He came into the world. Men could not have made this stuff up and then it came to pass!

Please, if you are a Christian get into a deeper relationship with Him and serve Him in some way until He comes. If you are not a Christian, but you are searching for meaning in your life then look to Jesus and read about Him in the Bible. Ask Him to show you what you need to know and Who you need to follow, the answer may surprise you.

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