Can your life mean something?

Many people seem to be looking for something to do these days. Someplace to be or go or do because it seems that so many people are bored. Why? Is it because there is no fulfillment in your job or in your life? Do you feel that you have a purpose and a meaning in your life, but you don’t know what it is or how to claim it?

These are questions that many people besides Christians would like to have the answers for, but they don’t know where to find them. Can I give you the secret to life’s most frustrating questions? No, I can’t but God can! The answers are all found in the Bible! The meaning to life, for each one of us, is found there. Advice for life, living and for business questions as well are all contained within its pages. God is our Creator but He is also the giver of life, purpose, meaning, hope and continuity in our daily lives. He will do this for you each and every day, if you will determine to get up each morning and begin your day with Him. Listening to His prompting and His advice because if you can listen closely to Him daily, then your life will be more fulfilling and more abundant.

The purpose which we all seem to be chasing is in our grasp, if we own a Bible and will sit down and read it. Not just read it as a book, but ask Him to show you what He wants you to get from its pages. If you just read it as a book then that is all that you will get from it, which is what many people who don’t believe the words contained in it do! But, if you wake in the morning with an urgent need to find your purpose and meaning, then open it and ask God to show you what you need to know for just that day. Tomorrow, do the same thing and the next day and the next. When you have completed a week of reading and learning from it, then you are well on the way to finding your purpose and meaning for this life and the next!

In the world that we live in today, people are so concerned about offending others until we don’t even preach from the pulpit the way that God would have us to. Yes, it is true that He loves you just as a parent would a child but also like a parent, God doesn’t like the things that we are doing in our lives when those things are wrong! If you would not take your mother to the places that you go, then why go there? Would you introduce your grandmother or grandfather to your “friends”? Would you invite Jesus along with you to go to the mall or other places that you go, especially if you don’t tell your family about it? If you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour for real and not just saying some words, then you are taking Him along with you wherever you go no matter where it may be. He sees and knows where you are anyway, and He knows what you said and did while you were there. God sees all of these things, whether you have taken Him into your life or not, and like a parent He loves you even though He doesn’t like the things that He knows you are doing.

Consider giving your life and your heart to Jesus and making a change in your life so that you would be willing to follow Him wherever He leads you to go!


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