What do you think is happening?

In the world today, many things are happening around the world and here in America. Disturbing things, horrible things and good things too if you look hard enough. But why do we have to look hard to see the good things or even to hear about them? Mainly it is because of Satan and the work that he is doing on Earth. He has been doing it for many, many years and he is very good at what he does. His main tool is deception and his influence on the pride of mankind.

He has deceived mankind for thousands of years and even now, many don’t even think that he is real or that he even exists. But, he is still there. He is still here around us every day. Can we avoid him or otherwise keep him out of our lives? Through the power of the Holy Spirit we can, but those in the world who have not accepted Jesus can’t. Satan can influence them in any way that he wishes and he does. You can see the effect of his influence every day on the news or hear about it on the radio and Internet. He and his fallen angels are always busy causing chaos with wars, large and small, diseases of all kinds, perversion, rape, murder, persecution, slavery, etc.

These are the tools that he uses on us but mostly he appeals to our pride and our greed. They are two of the most easily manipulated of mankind’s vices. People who have not given their lives to Christ fall prey to them very easily but some who claim Jesus also fall victim to them and their temptations as well. The examples which Christians set before the world, especially our friends and co-workers, are on display and are being tested and proven by trial by Satan. This is why Jesus said through the apostle Paul that “we must put on the whole armor of God” to be able to withstand the darts which Satan hurls at us each and every day, especially while we are doing work for God.

Your life and mine have eternal consequences for us and for those who see us and know that we are Christians. Your life is a witness for Him, your actions and words and your children are witnesses for the power of God in your life. They cry out about your true character and whether it is influenced by Jesus or not. People can easily see the difference, so what does your life and your character say about you and your relationship with Jesus? Does it really offer proof of what you may claim to be?

What will you do with your life? Not just this one, but in eternity. If you have not given your life to Jesus and asked Him to come into yours, then you are lost. Do you feel as if there is something missing, but you don’t know what it is? That is the place where Satan enters, in the spot where you feel vulnerable and empty. The person that should be there is Jesus and all that you have to do is ask Him to come in. You are responsible for that one action and it is a simple one because children can understand it, that is why many people miss their opportunity. They think that they have to “clean up” in order to get right with God, when in reality Jesus has done all that there needs to be done. Your only action is to believe in Him and the atonement that was provided for you by His death and resurrection.

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