You are never alone

Our lives are very busy today and many people get down and depressed, especially during the winter months. What can help them? Fortunately, it is not a “what” but a Who that can be a help for you and a Comforter too. Jesus is always near and is always ready to help in whatever way is needed.

Although many people discount Him because the help that is provided is not monetary in nature. He doesn’t provide the means to buy whatever you want, but He does provide comfort where it is needed, salvation when it is asked for, security regarding your eternal destination, a shoulder to lean on and the strength to get you through any situation that you might find yourself in.

He is the Creator, the Mighty Counselor, our Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. What more could you want or need from anyone or anything here on Earth? Nobody on Earth could supply your need the way that God can, since He owns it all anyway. Do you depend on Him? Do you think that you can supply or in some way get everything that you want or need?

If you already have the money and a great job, maybe you can do it all on your own without anyone’s help but what can you do if you have a job that pays by the hour, or your house is about to be repossessed, or your car may be if you can’t pay a payment, then what will you do? I am not knocking hourly workers, there are more of them than there are salaried workers, but the point is that much of our livelihood is needed just to live. Buying food and paying bills are the main things that our money is being used for, but God never leaves you alone.

Granted, He doesn’t drop money from Heaven to pay your bills but He is always near to comfort you and bless you in ways that nobody else can! You are blessed to be alive and you have your family and if you have a job, then it is a blessing too. God provides for us far more than we can provide for ourselves, yet many people take all of His provisions for granted. Many people even think that they have the things that they do because of something that they did. You wouldn’t be doing your job or earning your salary or wages if God had not given you the ability and the education to do whatever you do!

God can provide all that you need, He will not provide your wants if they don’t line up with His wants and will for your life. Giving your tithe to the church will not automatically put seven or ten times that amount in your bank account! Giving money to some preacher on television won’t bring back a lost loved one or cure cancer unless it is in God’s plan and will for it to happen in the first place!

God will use your talents and your ability to glorify Himself and to bring others to Himself through your testimony and your life and He will bless you with whatever He deems necessary to accomplish that.

Realizing exactly where your blessings come from and Who provides them is something that we all should be doing. Acknowledge God’s provision and His grace to each of us that we benefit from each day, because if it weren’t for His blessings each day we would be in more dire need than we are now.

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