Jesus loves you!

The Christ, our Lord and Savior loves all of you, don’t ever forget that! He came here as a babe, grew up, lived his life as a carpenter then fulfilled His calling from His Father to sacrifice Himself to pay for our sins. Everyone’s sin, not just Israel‘s but everyone in the world from the beginning to the end.

I know that Christianity is not very popular right now but if you truly need hope, it is the only place to turn. Islam, Buddhism, Hindi, or most any other religion doesn’t really give you that because of the nature of their teachings. God sent His Son as the Lion of Judah, the heir to David’s throne, to bring the good news of salvation to Israel and the world. This is what was done, but since His people wouldn’t accept Him as the Messiah, the good news went to the world after His resurrection.

He is coming back and according to prophecy and the signs of the times, it won’t be very long. We have waited for nearly two thousand years and the time of the church age is drawing to a close. Once that happens, the world is really going to get ugly. The book of Revelation is not fiction nor is it metaphor. John may not have understood exactly what he was seeing at the time, so his descriptions sound very far-fetched, but the prophecies contained within it will come to pass. Believe in Jesus and what He did for you so your future will be assured and in Heaven.

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