Strange times we live in

Well, it seems that the groundhog was right. We are all getting a bit more winter weather even in the deep South. In reality, winter doesn’t actually end until around March 21st anyway but the temperatures that are being felt in the southern part of the United States don’t come to our neck of the woods very often.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect them and this happens to be one of them. I pray that when this winter storm moves north it doesn’t carry so much of a punch with it as it has had here. In other ramblings, the time that we are living in was foretold long ago in the Bible. Even the changes in the weather and the unusual way that politics is working in these last few years of the church age. All of it is found in Matthew 24 and in the beginning chapters of the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The truth is this: we aren’t living in the strangest of times, those are yet to come. I pray that most of you who read this have given your heart to Jesus and are reading His Word and learning of Him during these trying times. If you have not but you are curious about Christianity and the promises of His Word, please seek Him in the New Testament and do it soon. There are dangerous days ahead of us especially for those who have not made a commitment to Jesus and are following Him now. When He calls the believers home to be with Him the world for those who are left will be much worse in many ways than it is today.

Becoming a Christian today is not hard if you will answer the call on your heart when you feel it. Sometimes the touch of the Spirit is not very noticeable and sometimes He will call you in a dream so that you know exactly Who called you and that you can’t let it go until you are His. God knows the ones who will answer His call and the ones who will hear it but turn away so make sure that you are in the first group. Eternity is a very long time to live without God at all.

Right this moment we enjoy His blessings, although some people may not see their circumstances as blessings. We have air to breathe and usually a warm place to sleep at night. Food to sustain us and clothes to cover us. Some may not have these “luxuries” and to many people these simple things don’t sound like luxuries but to someone with no food to eat for a week or two just a small serving of fries from McDonald’s would be wonderful. Those of us who live in what is called the “developed” world who are poor in wealth would almost be considered rich in some countries.

God blesses us with far more than we deserve and yet there are so many without the necessities like clothing, shoes, water and shelter that many of us take for granted. Life is hard in many parts of the world that most of us in America will never see first hand. Even if we visited those places we wouldn’t want to stay and help because we cannot understand poverty of that magnitude. God knows each person on this Earth and He sees all of the conditions that they live in. Many of them cry out to Him even though they don’t know His name, their soul cries to the Maker of all there is and He hears their cry. He will repay those who could help but choose not to or are too greedy to help. When this age is over and the work that God is completing is finished they will have their reward or their punishment, whichever He gives to those who have done His will and to those who refused to follow Him and be the “light in the darkness” for this present age.

Praise the Lord!

In everything that you do, praise the Lord. Why is this important? Because God is the One Who gives each of us the ability to do what we do every day. From our work to our family life and everything in between, we move and live because God allows it. So… praise Him and thank Him for everything that you can do every day.


I don’t have to explain this title because everyone is distracted in one way or another. Some more than others, some not so much. The real question is this: what is distracting you?

If you believe in a higher power which one do you truly believe in? Allah? Buddha? Krishna? New Age religions?

Why would you put your faith in these who have been dead for centuries? God has been here since time before time and He will be here into eternity. He is the Creator, all of these others got their “wisdom” from someone else.

We are distracted because we have lost our way trying to form our god into one that is easier to handle and believe in rather than believing in the God and Ruler of the universe, the One Who created all of it…right down to the sub molecular particles that are part of everything. God’s idea for each of us is simple and it involves our worship of Him. But that isn’t all that we will do into eternity. I’m not going to speculate about our jobs in Eternity with God. Praise will be part of it I’m sure. Worship and thankfulness will certainly be in evidence all of the time. I don’t know what Heaven will be like so I can’t tell you…but I do know that it won’t be anything like the punishment that Satan and the fallen angels who followed him will be living out into eternity. Those who chose not to believe in Jesus for their salvation and repent of their sinful lives will also be in that place of darkness and pain.

Distractions that we have now will not be in Heaven or hell. We will be totally focused on the love and the eternal happiness that we will enjoy in God’s Presence. Those who chose to follow the anti-Christ or even their own idea of “god” will feel God’s wrath during the Tribulation and into eternity in hell. How do I know they will feel it? Because Jesus said the “smoke of their torment rises forever“. You see, our souls live on into eternity whether we are in Heaven or hell and those bodies which we are given to live in also feel pain and joy and sorrow and misery but our bodies in eternity never die. Why do I bring this up? Because I want to make sure that when you stand in front of God and He asks you why you didn’t believe in Jesus for your salvation? It won’t be because I didn’t tell you if you read my posts here.

Since this disease has shut down my in-person preaching I have to tell others about Jesus here. Some will listen and believe and some won’t, but it is still my job to make sure that the message of Jesus Christ is here for you to read and make your decision. As it says in John 3:16-17: 16 For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world, to judge the world, but that the world may be saved by him.

Please, seek Jesus Christ for your salvation while there is time. We are not guaranteed tomorrow morning so if you don’t know Him please make sure of it tonight.