What is your view of Scripture?

For many people today it seems that God’s Word, the Bible or Scripture has no real meaning for today. It is even more outdated than the Constitution of the United States and if you are speaking of its age you would be correct. But God’s Word is alive and speaks of a future which hasn’t happened yet in some of its books. Even the prophecy which foretold of the Savior began all the way back in the third chapter of Genesis and it was nearly four thousand years before Jesus was born from that point of view in the past.

So, is the Bible an old, musty and outdated collection of books? No and it never will be. God’s Word written down by writers who were inspired by Him is just as relevant now as it was then but we have to interpret it through the more modern translations which have searched the Hebrew and Greek translations in order to know the modern meanings. Is it an old book? Yes but it is not one which is useless. There are Truths contained in it along with God’s Wisdom which is above the wisdom of man. That doesn’t mean that it is too hard for us to understand because a child can understand it.

What it does mean is if we are to understand God’s Word then we should study it and learn from it more than one or two thirty to forty-five minute sermons in a week’s time can give. Learning from God’s Word is a lifelong process of reading and study just as living in this world is. You cannot live in this world without water and food usually more than once per day of your life. You cannot be a successful Christian without taking in some of God’s Word each day and studying it to the point of placing His Word in your heart. Because it is the Word of God which gives each of us the ability to withstand the temptations of sin and Satan.

Your own wisdom or mine cannot protect us from the world around us, only God’s Word can do this. Although, even God’s Word cannot protect you if you don’t know it well enough to use it. Like a sword or a gun, if you don’t know how to use them they are no good to you for protection and it is the same with the Word of God! Seeking His Wisdom and protection can only be done by learning from the Bible and that comes only with study and reading more than you can by going to church every once in a while. It is a daily process. The fault of some in the church today is being biblical without applying it to contemporary living and today’s “liberal Christians” live contemporary lives without Biblical principles to guide them. Although very few can balance these two ideals at the same time and do it successfully.

There is no way to do this if you don’t know the Bible well unless you can quote it by chapter and verse and be able to apply it in your daily life. Few people can do this who are Christians that attend church and read their Bible and those outside the church in the world haven’t a clue about it at all. Satan knows God’s Word very well and he can quote it to you if necessary which is why we need to know it too. I urge you therefore to study God’s Word so that you can counter any attack of Satan which is from a “twisted scripture” or one which has been changed to suit someone’s idea or their agenda.

God said…

At the beginning of Creation, God spoke almost everything into existence. I say “almost everything” because when God created mankind, He did so with His hands. He didn’t just speak mankind into existence. He said “Let Us make mankind in our image”; the man was created on the sixth day and God said that everything was very good. In chapter two God rested on the seventh day after all of His work in creating everything. The Lord caused a mist to water the ground and He formed mankind from the ground and breathed into him and gave him Life. Then God placed him into the Garden to keep it, with the exception of one tree the man could eat of any tree in the Garden.

God created a helper for Adam which he named Woman because she was taken from man. God used a rib to create Woman and yet we don’t value women as much as we should, even today. But…God does! There are many others in the world who are not valued today, not just women. Unborn children are not seen as much more than a group of cells rather than the miracle that they are whether they are wanted by their mother or not. People who believe in a different Savior are looked down upon because they have faith in their Savior rather than in someone else’s idea of a savior.

In many ways, our world chooses to ignore what “God says” and choose to follow their own ideas and ways. Many people seem to be unwilling to acknowledge God at all, whether by His Word or by the Truth contained in it. Yet, the laws by which most of our laws are based on actually come from the Bible! Yes, the words are arranged differently or they may phrase the law as being different but the laws which God gave to Moses are still the basis for most of mankind’s own laws regardless of how you phrase those laws.

When God says something in His Word, whether it is a commandment or a precept, it still carries His Wisdom and His intent with it. It doesn’t matter whether we like the law or the precept or not. Truth and laws are not things which are open to interpretation or opinion. A law is a law and agreeing with it or not doesn’t change it. Truth is the truth whether you want it to be so or not, especially when it is a Truth from God’s Word! God said it and that settles it.

Whether you believe in His Word or have a different opinion of His Word doesn’t change His Word or the effect of it in your life or in the lives of everyone around you. Just as your idea or belief about gravity does nothing to change it, God’s Word is immutable whether we like what it says or not.

In the beginning…

The Bible begins with these three words and it is the beginning of everything. God starts with nothing except darkness and then brings forth everything around us, including each of us. The world around us today doesn’t want to believe that God’s Word is the Truth or even that any part of it is true at all. So, what are we to do with a book which nobody believes is true?

The Bible is God’s Word written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by the authors of the Old Testament and the New Testament. How can the Bible be true? If you read it and take notice of the actual story which is being presented, meaning the salvation of us and Who it is that will be our Savior…even though it was written by many authors and over many centuries, it still points to the Messiah, Jesus the Son of God!

Can you think of how you could get about forty men or women to write different books and yet point to the same Savior in those stories? There is no possibility that even two people could do this let alone forty writers separated by centuries and yet pointing to Your Son, Jesus as the focal point of all of their writing! Without it being inspired by God’s Holy Spirit the Bible could not exist at all so the truth of it is without question.

It is God’s Word and wisdom for us to live by and it’s an example of how we should live and believe in order to even have a chance at living in Heaven for eternity.

God placed these words in the minds of those writers so that they could write them down and pass them on to later generations. His Word came into our world so that we could get to know our Creator and our Redeemer. It is not a rule book to beat someone with when we do wrong. It is a guidebook for how to live our lives, how to pattern our lives around His wisdom and it gives us strength when we feel weak, that is what the Bible is.

Is it true? Yes! Emphatically true! The prophecies contained within it have all come true in the past and the ones which have not are the ones which are yet to happen. When will they come true? The Bible doesn’t give exact dates but if you read the book of Revelation and some of the prophecies pointing to the end of the age, you can see things happening all around us right now. There isn’t much time left. How much time is left? Only God knows that answer.

The very next thing which is foretold in God’s Word is the catching away of those who are believers. Some call it the rapture, but since that word isn’t in the Bible I like to use “caught up or catching away”. The church is not going through the Tribulation because that is the wrath of God poured out on the Earth and those who have refused to believe in Jesus as their Savior.

If God has begun a work in your life, He will always keep you in Him. He will finish the work which was begun in you for your sake and for His glory!