In our world today there are so many different ism’s until it is hard to tell which is which. But why is there one called racism? There is only one race on Earth and it has been that way since God began everything in Eden. Adam was not one race and Eve another, they were both human. Their skin may have been dark, not brown or black but not white or yellowish either. We are all part of the human race.

For many years, centuries even, we have separated ourselves from each other because of our different cultures and skin tongenetic-variationes but honestly those are really the only actual differences between us, no matter where we live on Earth. Yes, we do have different cultures, that can be seen easily in our customs and the religions, the way we talk and dress, but it doesn’t make us different in race. We are all of the same race, human beings or Homo sapiens and there are no others. If there were you would easily be able to see the differences.

I know that cultural differences are varied in every country and region on this planet, but that is the only thing besides skin color that separates us. It is something that we must contend with and it is a difference which we have had since the beginning. The problem with our separateness began with the Tower of Babel where everyone’s language got mixed up and they were forced to separate and move away from each other, at least that is my opinion about it.

We live in a world which is broken and bruised in many ways because of the original sin in the Garden, but also because of our own nature. We want things a certain way in our lives, we like our coffee a certain way and our eggs cooked a certain way and when someone comes along with a different way of doing things we fuss and fight against it until we decide that maybe their way is better. If not, then we have a problem between their way and our way. This causes a split in communities and churches sometimes and in times past, it caused us to distance ourselves from each other along cultural lines which soon become “racial lines” because we considered the differences to be so great.

When in reality, the differences are not that great if you get to know someone better. Sooner or later those differences become not so different really. The difference in culture, between the way people dress or act or even the music that they listen to or the way that they talk, those are the separating lines between us. We are all of the same race, just different branches of the tree that’s all. The branch at the top is no better than the roots because they are all a part of the whole.

Of course, this explanation is one which will be very hard for most to accept. “My branch is better than yours because I am not so close to the ground”; “My trunk is better because I get my nourishment before you do”; these are silly arguments from a human standpoint but you get the point. Is there a way for us to fix these differences in culture and skin tone? Not with our human understanding alone. Force and wars, whether fought with guns or bombs or swords, have never solved any of these problems and in many countries they have made the problem worse.

The only cure or fix for this is Jesus. When He comes to rule the world for one thousand years, things will be different. Yes, there will still be separation between most nations, tribes, and cultures and all of the diversity that has come to Earth since Creation but we can take our grievances to Him directly and He can judge fairly between the parties which are having problems.

Until the new heaven and earth appear though, there will be disagreements and arguments. Maybe no wars or bombings or killings, but that won’t stop us from having disagreements between people.

Seek His counsel and His Wisdom in your life, every day, so that you have the best advice available in all of your daily activities, whatever they may be.

An addendum to this post:

Christ did not come to Earth for only one so-called “race” of people, He came to save ALL of us, to bring the possibility of salvation to all skin colors and nationalities and the cultures from which they come. God created us as one race, humanity, and He wants to have fellowship with all of us, no matter where you may live or what color your skin is.

Think of our skin colors like this: there is a snow leopard which is mostly white, there is a leopard which has black spots and a tawny color and there is a black leopard in South America which is black, but you can still see the spots well enough to know that he is still a leopard. The colors don’t change the fact that it is a leopard any more than our skin color doesn’t change the fact that we are all homo sapiens! One race, different cultures and skin colors, blessed and loved by God to be His people if we will accept Him as our Savior.


It really doesn’t matter

In our world…in our culture today, your faith in something, your belief in something or some One really doesn’t matter much. Most people who you meet don’t care what you think and especially what you believe in.

It is a cynical way of looking at life in general and especially regarding your personal salvation, but it is true! Some don’t believe that we have an existence beyond this life at all. Some people think that we do and that it matters what you believe and Who you believe in. So what is it that separates us on religious issues as well as cultural issues?

Mainly our beliefs. Our God or our unbelief in one is what truly separates us from each other as well as our cultures. We all have different cultures that we have grown up in with their own beliefs and customs and traditions. Those have separated us for many years and in many ways, because of that we have a hard time understanding each other’s culture or the belief systems that each of us follows. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t understand each other…if we will suspend our cultural prejudices and attempt to find common ground.

Many times, the beliefs that we have built up over time are truly what separates us. Sometimes we blame it on our skin color or the texture of our hair, but in reality it is our cultures which divide us. The divisions fall along lines which have built up over centuries and then get blamed on small details, which don’t really separate us at all. The norms which we grow up with, whether they are religious or not, are the lines which come between many countries today.

We tend to look at skin color more often than we should, but in reality it actually boils down to culture, which is something that can’t be changed because if you did then you would be in a different culture altogether one which is different. Those differences are what defines each of us in the world that we live in, whether it is in Israel or Argentina or Turkey or even Siberia. The culture that is there in each of those places, along with the languages, separates us into respective people, even though we are still part of the human race.

Does it matter whether you came from Argentina or Siberia? No, if you were taken as an orphan and raised in South Chicago or even Brooklyn, then your racial features would be there but you would develop the mannerisms of the area where you grow up. We take on the mantle of the culture in which we are brought up, no matter where we may come from originally. The point that I am trying to make is that our differences are not genetic nor are our appetites. We are the product of nurturing in the culture where we develop as children, and we carry that with us through our lives.

Just as God commanded the Israelites not to mingle with the cultures in the land where He was leading them to, we must stay separate too. This is what causes separation and racism….separateness in culture, religion, art, music! The point of this post is not to emphasize our differences but our similarities! Yes, we are different in all of these areas, but we are, at the most basic cellular level, the same. Beliefs, religions, and culture all conspire to change us, to mold us into the individuals that we are…that we can be.

Do you believe in God? So do the demons and Satan, and they tremble at His presence. God is not a punisher of those who don’t do His will, He is the Creator and nurturing Spirit behind all that is good in this world. All that we should do is to seek Him, to acknowledge Him as Who He is, to get to know Him and to love Him. Regardless of the culture that you were brought up in or your own beliefs, seek out the knowledge of Jesus and God. Learn from them and learn why you are loved by them. Then the culture and racial differences will not be so apparent and glaring, but they will be lower than your love for God and when you put Him first in your life, everything else falls into place as it should.