This word is something many of us could use more of but right now we had better be thankful that God has an immense amount of it. Why? Because of all the fighting and fussing over the “right” to kill babies that He has sent to us as blessings! I know, some people look at children, babies in particular, as an inconvenience but God has His reasons for sending that soul to you to be in your care. He doesn’t have to ask if it’s okay with you. If you are putting yourself in the position to have a child then God will oblige by sending you one. Whether you are ready for it or not!

Many new parents find that the job of being a parent is overwhelming at times and just plain exhausting during the first few months but most of us can get through it. Sometimes it takes a lot of prayer and “on-the-job” training but for those of us who truly want to be parents, it is worth it. Speaking of being worthy, none of us has the market on being worthy to be parents. Life happens and sometimes it is messy but with help from God and a little time, you can learn to be a good parent depending on your living arrangements.

Why am I focusing on this issue? Because that is one of the “big” stories on the news today. There are many other newsworthy things happening in the world but it seems that having the “right” to kill your child in the womb is more important right now. I worked as an EMT for a number of years and I carried a few expectant mothers to the hospital to have their babies. I never heard even one say that they didn’t want this child regardless of their age. As I said earlier, God sends these souls to Earth to fulfill some need or a specific calling that He has in mind for this child.

God knows what He is doing, whether we agree with His idea or not, is not supposed to be part of the equation. A child is supposed to be celebrated for their potential…their future. He or she is not supposed to be judged as useful or a nuisance. If your life doesn’t have room for a child, then give them a chance at life with someone who can’t have a child. Seek a way to give life a chance because this child may be the doctor that finds the cure for cancer one day.