The Lord is…

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17 KJV

Joy in the Lord!

Nehemiah 8:10 KJV

10Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

Every day should be as a holy day unto our Lord because Christians have salvation through Jesus Christ! We were chosen by Him to be His and to be a blessing to those around us because of our joy in Him. Have you ever thought about why you should have such assurance in Him? Consider what you have been saved from. When you gave your heart to Jesus and began following Him daily, not just on Sundays or holidays, the Holy Spirit changed your heart to be a new creation in Jesus Christ. You are not the same person who was born on a particular day to your parents. You are a new Christian born of the Spirit into God’s family and a joint heir with Jesus Christ! That is enough to bring joy into your life!

We have also been saved from an eternity of misery and pain by being in hell because of our choice to refuse God’s gift of grace through Jesus Christ. There will be many people in hell who thought they would be in heaven and there will likely be some in heaven who thought they might be in hell. Salvation brings us to a place where we can be part of God’s family and assured of a home in heaven. We are brought to the point of salvation by God’s Spirit touching our lives and convicting us of our NEED for Him. That is when we feel an overpowering need to find Jesus and to ask Him for His forgiveness. Most people will follow through with seeking Him out and beginning their journey with Him, but some will turn away. 

Those who turn away from God’s calling for them to be saved will likely be doomed to hell because once you have been brought to the conviction of your need for salvation and then turn away, you will not be brought back again. If you accept it then you will be saved from that eternal punishment but there is no middle ground…no gray areas where you can be a Christian and then keep being your “old self” whenever you feel like it. Living and being a Christian is like being pregnant…you either are or you’re not!

God loves each of us and those that He calls to belong to Him are convicted by God’s Holy Spirit to know that what they were doing before He called them was sinful and they need to repent of it and follow Jesus. Have you felt that tug on your heart? Have you made your decision to follow Jesus Christ or will you turn away from Him? No decision is a decision and it may be one that you’ll regret for eternity.

No comparison to my Lord!

There is none holy as the LORD: For there is none beside thee: Neither is there any rock like our God. 1 Samuel 2:2 KJV

Who was this Man?

Was Jesus just a man, like many people seem to think? An ordinary man could not walk on water. An ordinary man could not walk up to a grave after his friend was buried four days before and call him from the grave by name. An ordinary man could not orchestrate the place of His birth or His parents…God did. Jesus was and is the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, and He has brought hope and healing to many millions of people in the last two thousand years. No normal “man” could do that.

Jesus died on a cross, one of the cruelest ways to die, and He was buried in a borrowed tomb but He rose again and walked out of that tomb on the third day. During the time after His resurrection, He was seen by all of His disciples and by at least five hundred at one time. Then He was taken up into the clouds while His disciples watched and two angels told them, “Why do you stand gazing into the sky after Him. He will come again in like manner one day”.

Jesus is our Savior and our Hope and the many who have placed their hearts and their hope in Him over time could attest to that. Many thousands of people have died for their faith in Him and you wouldn’t die for a lie or for “just a normal man or a prophet”. Many have died for their faith in Him that they wouldn’t recant and the “church” caused many of those deaths because people were reading God’s Word in their own language rather than coming to mass and listening to the Word of God being read to them in Latin. One day that church will be judged for those deaths.

God is waiting for the last person to come to know Jesus as their Savior and when that time comes, the church will be taken up and the world will mourn because they missed it. But then they will find another “messiah” and the time of Jacob’s Trouble will begin. The Earth will become more like hell than heaven during this time and I pray that any or all who would like to know Jesus as their Savior will seek Him out today because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

Seeking Jesus

Have you ever wondered why people seek to know Jesus? What is it that drives them to find Him? One thing that most of us notice even during puberty is that there is an empty spot or a hole in your heart that you cannot fill. Nothing that you try can fill it. No amount of money or sex or drugs or anything else can fill that space because it is made for only one person…Jesus.

Some people find Him early in their life and some don’t discover the object of their desire for many years. Most of us live a good portion of our lives trying to find that certain “thing” that fulfills us and when we do find Him we realize it wasn’t a “thing” after all. It is the person of Jesus Christ that fills every corner of that place that has always felt empty.

God has loved us deeply since before the Garden was created or even the Earth was formed, yet people still don’t want to believe it. He planned all of this because He could see beyond time itself and He knew that we would become our own worst selves without a Savior. HE provided the hope of a Savior even to Adam and Eve when He told them that the seed of the woman would redeem their sin one day.

Humanity has plowed through the ages on our own pride in what we have accomplished, especially during this past century. We have pushed God away and then we wonder what is happening to our world when things begin to go wrong. You have pushed God and His influence away from your children’s education and from the public square as much as possible. Why wouldn’t things be going wrong? We have taken the Creator out of His creation. What did you expect to happen? That is like beginning a trip and setting the cruise control and taking your hands from the steering wheel. Granted, you can do that today but I still don’t trust it.

God sustains us and His creation every hour of every day and when we remove this belief from the minds of people it causes big problems. They see themselves as animals who live by instinct and they look at others as being in their way to have things that they want. Seeking your Savior in Jesus is the only way to bring peace into your life that has been missing so I pray that anyone who reads this will seek Him as soon as possible. We are not promised tomorrow so make your decision for Him today!