Praise God today!

Many of us would ask, “Why should I?”. Life is hard, we are having problems every day. Health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, national and international problems…all of these are happening every day, everywhere, so why should we praise God? Because God is still in control and He gives us the strength and the ability to get through all of these days.

God never promised that we would not have problems but He did promise that He would be with us going through every problem whatever they might be. All of us have had sad days and depressing days, but God is beside us as we walk with Him. If you are an unbeliever, just ask Him to come into your life and help you with the problems that you have. He won’t take the problems away but He will give you the strength and the ability to get through them.

The Bible says that “God inhabits the praise of His people“. When we praise God in prayer or in worship or song, He is very attentive to every word that we are saying. God loves you and cares for you far more than you can imagine. Giving your life and your heart to Jesus will not take the troubles away but it will give you the strength of Jesus and His Holy Spirit to get through whatever comes against you!

Christians don’t get a pass on trouble. Jesus told His disciples that they would have trouble in this world but He said, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world“. Give your heart to Jesus and ask Him to give you the strength for today and then ask the same for tomorrow. Walk with Him every day and the troubles that come won’t be so troublesome. He will get you through each day when you depend on Him.

How can I know Jesus?

This question needs to be answered in your life if you don’t know Him as your Savior. Why? Because, if you don’t know Him as your Savior, then one day you will meet Him as your judge and that will not be an enjoyable meeting. Just as criminals today don’t like to go before a judge, we who are sinners don’t want to stand before the Judge of All. We know what we have done in our lives and we know what we are doing today and we don’t want to be held responsible for those sins. Because they will separate us from God forever!

The Bible says that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God“; there are no saints in the world today only sinners saved by the grace of God through Jesus the Christ! Your life and mine are no different regarding sin because you are either forgiven through belief in Jesus as your Lord and Savior or guilty of even the smallest of sins, like stealing a paper clip. While it is true that stealing a paper clip from the office won’t likely get you fired or in jail, it is still theft in God’s sight. I know it doesn’t sound like much but even the slightest sin is still a sin.

God knows your heart whether you’ve ever given Him a second thought or not. He knows where you were last Friday night and who you were with. He knows exactly what you were thinking and what you said. God knows every person on the planet in this way, there is no place that you can hide from Him. But people try to do it anyway. Like it or not, God knows about every word and thought that you have ever had and every one of them will be used as evidence against you unless you ask Jesus to come into your life and your heart and change you from the inside out.

Once that happens, all of those words and thoughts and everything else are covered by His blood and blotted out. That doesn’t mean that once you have a clean slate you can start over. It means that you should tell others about your Savior and tell them about His provision of forgiveness that is extended to them as well if they will believe in Him too.

God does not want anyone to go to hell but by rejecting the offer of grace through faith in Jesus’ atonement for your sins you are in league with the demons and Satan himself. So even if you choose not to believe in Jesus as your Savior, then by default you are choosing to be in the same place as Satan. While some people seem to think that being in hell will be like an eternal party, that is not the way the Bible describes it. The rich man said that he was in torment and he longed for only one drop of water because of the fire. There is no joy in hell only suffering and it goes on forever because your immortal soul is imprisoned there away from God.

God loves you!

Have we become tired?

Many, it seems, have become tired of waiting for the return of Jesus. It has been over two millennia and has not come yet. He hasn’t come, even though He said He would return. We don’t know when He will return and we cannot know it because only God knows the day and the hour. God will tell the angels and Jesus when it is time to claim the church and bring them into His house.

So many have held onto the hope of His coming but have gone ahead of us to be with Him. They will be the first to rise on that day, then we will rise to meet them in the air and always be with the Lord! So many have gone ahead of us and they will be the multiple thousands and thousands standing before the throne. Wait for the Lord’s timing and the trumpet will sound one day and it is not far in the future. When that wonderful day comes it will be a glorious day for us who belong to Jesus but woe and tribulation will come on the rest of the world beginning on that day.

Believe in Jesus and His atonement for your sins and you shall be saved. That day will come and with all of the prophecies fulfilled up until that day, it will likely be sooner than most believe it will be. Nobody can predict the day or the hour that it will happen but considering that everything that was foretold in God’s Word has come to pass already…there is nothing left except the taking away of the church. God may be waiting for that very last person to accept Jesus as their Savior and when that happens, the Trumpet of God will sound, and oh, what a glorious day that will be!

Whether it happens at night or in the daytime, the taking up of the church will be the exclamation point to prove to the world that God is true to His Word and that God’s Word, the Bible, is True. If you have ever felt a call in your heart to give your life to Jesus and ask Him to be your Savior, I beg you to seek Him out as soon as you can. Because, after the church is gone you can still place your faith in Him but the Holy Spirit will be gone from the Earth and evil will reign for seven years. It will be a very bad time to be a Christian. Not impossible, but you will have to rely on Him so much more than you ever thought you would need to.

The Cross, what does it mean?

To the Roman soldiers, the cross was the most barbaric way to kill those who were criminals or had seditious ideas against the empire that they had tried to carry out. To most Christians, the cross is the way that our Lord was killed to pay for our sins. What does it mean to you? The cross and the death of Jesus is the only way to gain your salvation from your sins. Belief in Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross for your sins is the only way to be saved.

Living your life for Jesus and following Him is not an easy way to live. Many people will “try” Christianity but when it gets hard and you have to give up something that you don’t want to give up…you might turn away from Him. How can anyone live as a Christian in our world? We cannot do it on our own strength but when you allow the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and change you…deeply, then and only then can you live the way Jesus intended.

Some people think it takes a lot of faith to come to know Jesus. It only takes a grain of faith the size of a mustard seed but that seed of faith will grow when you begin your journey with Jesus! Reading God’s Word and praying to know the meaning of it will help you grow in faith. Your life after you begin this journey will not be easy because Satan will try to get in your way, and stop you from being the person that God wants you to be. As long as you depend on His strength to carry you through those hard times, others will see the evidence of Jesus in your life even if you don’t tell anyone about your faith.

Jesus died on the cross because it is a symbol of faith and it is present in many parts of God’s creation and in many languages. There is a protein in our bodies that resembles a cross. It is called laminin and it essentially holds the cell membranes together. Here is a picture of it:

That is an electron microscope picture/drawing of the molecule itself and if that doesn’t look like a cross then I need better glasses than I have. God has placed the symbol of our salvation even inside our cells. This didn’t happen by accident. He knew that mankind would look into the structure of our cells and see this. Whether they associated it with Jesus or Christianity would be up to the individual and their beliefs, but it would still be there.

Jesus came to be your Savior and He accomplished all that was needed to be that and more. All that you need to do is accept the gift of salvation through faith in Him and turn away from your old, sinful ways and follow Him from this point on. It won’t be easy but the eternal benefits are fantastic!

God is still working!

God is still working!

Many people, pastors included, think that God stopped working after creating everything…He didn’t stop. He has been working behind the scenes and in every country, nation, government building, and office in the world. It doesn’t matter if it is a country that rejects Him and His message, He is still working in the lives of people everywhere. He is drawing them to Himself and bringing those who will come to Him into His family. 

Sometimes we think that God is not in control because of all of the evil and hatred in the world but He is still there and in control. He protects those who know Him and those who will come to know Him. The land of Israel is His and the people there are His too, even if they don’t accept Him as their Savior and King. One day, they will. There are miracles every day that many people don’t notice but if you know God and how He works, you can see them. There are people who are alive today that wouldn’t have been alive if He wasn’t in control. There are places that would be in much worse shape spiritually if He did not have control of Satan and only allowed him to do whatever God told him to do and not do.

Life itself would not be possible if there weren’t specific parts of our world that He keeps in running order. He controls the Sun and the weather and everything around us but there are so many who do not see it. It wasn’t an accident that our planet was placed here. Jupiter and Saturn help keep many hazards from making a run toward us and God placed them there for that purpose. Scientists don’t want to acknowledge it but it is true. Even the moon protects us from many threats that we might never know about.

Jesus came to pay all of the penalties for the sinners of the world, past, present, and future. He did exactly that and then was raised on the third day giving us the opportunity to enjoy eternity with Him if we believe in Him for our salvation. God had this planned a long, long time before any of us were here and He loves us in more depth than we can understand. It seems that many people think that our universe was brought into existence by the “Big Bang” and God may have used something like that to begin but I don’t think it was fourteen billion years ago. The Bible says that God stretched out the heavens and that is why they are finding galaxies that are way out there but they look just like our galaxy. 

God’s creation is awesome and all of His attributes are shown in it every day. From the blue whales on Earth to the rings around Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune, He created all of it to cause us to have wonder and awe at all of creation and for us to give praise to Him. Seek Him while there is time to do so because the age of the church, the dispensation of grace, is coming to an end. When it does, the whole world will know it and those who haven’t made Jesus their Lord will have to endure the Tribulation. 

God’s love…

The verse that nearly everyone knows, John 3:16, begins with “For God so loved…”. He does love us because we are created in His image. God doesn’t love the sinful ways that we live and show our lack of care and love toward each other. Can we fix this? NO! Not on our own we can’t.

When you feel His touch in your heart that convicts you of the ways that you have hurt His heart by living apart from Him, please don’t turn away. Don’t refuse to listen to that “small voice” that speaks to your soul. It is God telling you that you need to turn your life over to Jesus and allow Him to change your life.

God sent Jesus to live and teach and heal those who came to Him but He also came to die for our sins. He did that and then rose from the grave three days later as He conquered death for us. He made it possible for us to have eternal life with Him one day. Something that we can’t do on our own. We can’t be good enough to not commit sins during our time here. Satan always has the upper hand and can tempt us to do or think about things that we might not do on our own. The problem with our pride is that we think we can master our own selves.

Self-control is something that most of humanity has trouble with every day and has had to deal with this trouble for thousands of years. God knew this long before we were born and He provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only way to be admitted into God’s Presence. Believing in Him for your salvation and giving your heart to Him is the beginning of your eternity but that isn’t all. You need to study God’s Word and learn His will for your life and how you can possibly please God for the rest of your time here.

Becoming a Christian by your belief in Jesus as your Savior is the first step but it is only the first step on your journey to Heaven. Our life here is pitifully short compared to even one thousand years. Thinking of eternity is something our minds cannot conceive of. I pray that anyone who might read this will seek Jesus as their Savior…soon. Because one day the church will be taken up to be with Him and life on Earth will become more like hell on Earth than it has ever been. Make sure of your eternity before that happens.