God’s Servant

So many times I have wanted to be more of His than I am and it is difficult to consider what it would take to be that close to God. The fifty-third chapter of Isaiah tells of the Servant of the Lord who went through agony and pain for Him and even though it is in the “Old Testament” it is speaking clearly of Jesus Christ. God loves each of us because He put each molecule of our being together before we were born. Lovingly crafting His children, even though some would not accept Him, because their gifts and abilities would be useful in this world. Some would not be useful to Him but they would be useful in the world that they lived in. Discovering cures or treatments or ways of doing things that others might not think of, would be their gift.

Being a servant of God is a calling. It is not something that you choose to do on your own. Just as accepting the call of God in your life to be a preacher, being a servant of God is something that is serious. Although, many people don’t seem to look at becoming a Christian as a calling that is exactly what it is. You wouldn’t be looking for Jesus if He had not called you by touching your heart and letting you know that the part of you that feels empty needs Him to fill it.

All Christians are called by God to become followers of Jesus, so it truly is a calling. Living your life by that calling every day is not an easy task but with His Holy Spirit touching your heart and strengthening you it can be done. Though it may not be perfect, since we are human, you can live it every day because of His strength and His grace in your life. I pray that everyone who reads this will seek Jesus to become their Savior soon because the time for the church age is coming to a close. We don’t know the day or the hour so be sure you are ready when that Trumpet sounds.

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