In the days that we are living through, what gives you hope? Religion? A good job? Financial security? Hope is a commodity that is rare and hard to find today. We all say that we have it but what is our “hope” based on? What or who is your hope placed in or on?

The only true hope that any of us have is in Jesus Christ. Many of us place our hope in things or in our jobs but those are only temporary. Whether you believe in God or the Bible, there is an eternity waiting for each of us. We don’t just go “poof” when we die! Our soul goes somewhere and it lives on. Not believing in it doesn’t change it at all. Just like “not believing in gravity” won’t stop it from killing you if you fall from a great height.

Eternity is our reward for living our lives according to God’s will for our lives. Even if we don’t live according to His will, eternity is still ahead of us whether we experience it in heaven or hell. The world around us is ignoring everything that has been spoken of and foretold in the Bible and going on as if nothing will change. But one day soon that will change in the blink of an eye. Of course, they will come up with some “explanation” for the disappearance of everyone who believes in Jesus as their Savior but it won’t be one that has anything to do with Him.

Jesus is the only person in history that has had as much influence on the entire world and yet three-quarters of the population on Earth refuses to believe in Him. Why? Because of the influence of the false religions that are all over the Earth and the one who has had the most influence on religion…the devil himself. Conveniently, most people in the world also choose not to believe in his existence as well.

One day soon, all of this “non-belief” will be moot and the proof will be very visible to everyone. Whether they believe their own eyes at that point or not won’t make much difference. I pray that most will put two and two together before it is too late.

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