Chase after God…

He has chased you so why not chase after Him? You might wonder, “When has God chased after me?”. Everyone that the Lord calls to be His has been “chased” by Him because until we give our lives to Him we are all living outside His influence and we are not seeking Him at all. That’s not to say that He can’t have an influence on our lives because He can. That is how the Holy Spirit gets our attention to know that we need salvation in the first place. When God decides to call you to be His, He will do it in no uncertain terms. You will know that it is Him but it is still your decision to accept His call on your life.

Some people think that they can hear His call and choose not to answer it and while that is true, God’s call rarely goes unanswered. At some point you will open your heart and let Him in. Truly, we should be chasing after Him because He has our best life waiting for us. It may not be according to the “world’s” standards with fame or fortune in this life but consider your eternal life ahead of you in Heaven. Living in His Presence in a city with streets paved with gold? Come on? There is nothing on Earth that could compare to that!

Then consider that all of your aches and pains will be gone and you will live forever in a glorified body created just for you to give glory to God! Just the absence of pain and living with Him is enough for me even if I’m living in a cardboard box in an alley in Heaven!

God sent His Son to pay for all of humanity’s sins and He did. Whether we accept His offer of salvation or not is up to us but consider the alternative. If you don’t accept His offer, you will be cast “into outer darkness” with Satan and his demons in the lake of fire…forever. No water, no way to escape and the Presence of God will be out of reach for you. Would anyone seriously want to live forever like that? I wouldn’t. While there is time, give your heart to Jesus and seek to serve Him with all of your heart while you can because the age of grace is soon coming to an end.

Jesus fulfilled this prophecy that was given over five hundred years before His birth. God had this planned since Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden or even before then. Don’t turn away from His call.

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