He came…

Jesus Christ came so long ago but He came to make a way for us to be adopted into God’s family. God chose humanity to be His creation and to be made in His image so why do many people today choose not to believe in Him or the salvation He offers to us through belief in Jesus Christ? The world outside the church doesn’t understand God’s grace toward us or toward them. They see and read what is offered but they also look at the Bible as a book of rules and restrictions. In some ways it is but we live our lives as Christians not because of rules but out of gratitude for His grace toward us. A grace that none of us deserve yet it is given through our belief in Jesus for our salvation.

Life for those chosen from the beginning of creation is assured when they accept the offer of grace from our Lord. Don’t turn away from the offer when you feel it or when you hear it from your Lord and Savior.

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