You are in a battle with Satan

If you have not given your heart to Jesus then you are not in a battle with him because he already has you. Satan fights with and tries to trip up anyone who has given their heart to Jesus because he is trying to cause your witness to be meaningless. Every time you slip from following Jesus just a little bit, he knows it, and those who know you are watching to see if you walk the way you claim to. If you thought becoming a Christian would make life easier, you are wrong. When you become a Christian you have left the camp of Satan’s forces and you are fair game to his temptations.

Satan and his “fallen angels”, the demons and principalities, hate you. Especially when you have given your heart to Jesus. You have become the enemy because you are living for Jesus and when you are doing this, Satan knows all of your weaknesses and he can target your mind so intimately that you will believe almost anything he tells you. Remember, Satan convinced one-third of the angels in Heaven to follow him in his rebellion against God. He has been going against God’s purposes for thousands of years regardless of who he was tempting or causing to stumble. Unless you have learned a lot of scripture he can even use it against you by twisting God’s word into something that it isn’t.

Christians everywhere are in a battle against the world system that is controlled by Satan and his demons. His evil plan is being worked out in every area of the world and especially in churches and in every place where Christians are being persecuted. The thing about all of this is that God is allowing it. Satan can’t do anything that God doesn’t allow him to do. God knows who will resist him and his temptations and who will not be able to resist.

What is the point of telling you this? So you’ll know and hopefully, get ready for his attacks before they come. We don’t get warnings ahead of time so we have to be ready at any time. God gave us His Word and His wisdom in the Bible so that we can be ready and know His words and His Truth when Satan tries to twist scripture around. Make sure that you know Jesus and His Truth in your heart and mind so you will have a defense when Satan tries to tempt you because he will.

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