Wood and nails

What symbolizes our Savior and the salvation that He bought with His blood? The crucifixion. Two pieces of wood and three nails or spikes depending on how you look at them. Our Savior was trained as a carpenter and He was very good at it I’d imagine. Considering that He built a bridge for us to get to Heaven with very little lumber, three nails, and His blood and His Life. This was no small sacrifice. His humanity allowed Him to die on the cross for our sins but it was His sinless life that paid the penalty for all of humanity’s sins. No mere human could do that.

God is the God of the impossible. Most people think that forgiveness for their sins isn’t possible but God forgives if you can forgive yourself and accept His grace and mercy for your sins. Sometimes, forgiving ourselves is the hardest part of accepting forgiveness. Sometimes, forgiving others is easier but not by much. Many times it takes humbling yourself and asking God to help you forgive yourself or others for the hurts and the pain that has been caused by sin. Regardless of how long ago it was or how deeply the hurt went, forgiveness has to be given before it is fully received.

God gives us grace and mercy, neither of which we deserve, but He gives them to us because He loves us. He has loved us since before creation began. I pray that all of you who read this will seek Him out to be your Savior. Your eternal home depends on your salvation and you can only get that by accepting Jesus as your Savior.

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