Do you worship God?

Some of us actually do worship the God Who is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe because He is God in the Bible and because He made it possible for us to be saved from hell by our belief in Jesus. But there are some people who make god in their own image and likeness. They don’t like God from the Bible. They want him to be manageable and understandable. When you do this you are worshiping your own idol. A god that you made in your mind that you can relate to and one that isn’t so “all-powerful and all-knowing”. In other words, you have placed god in a box that you can understand and call on when you want him or need him but otherwise, you can push him away and not think about him until it is necessary.

God never gave up on humanity so why should we give up on Him? If He was like us we would be in a lot of trouble. More than that, He would’ve started over many more times than He did. But…He didn’t. God loves you and me and every person on Earth but He doesn’t like our sins at all, whatever they may be. He especially doesn’t like being “made in our image” because we are bringing Him down to our level and God doesn’t share His glory with anyone especially an idol that we create to “represent Him”.

God is THE Creator and our God. Nothing should ever be above Him and there is no representation of Him because none of us knows God well enough to try to do such a thing. Worship Him, follow Him and give your heart to Him because one day you will bow to Him whether you know Him or not and it will be too late.

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