Are you sure?

My reason for this title stems from the order that Jesus gave to His disciples. He said for them to “take the gospel out into the whole world“. So, have you given your heart to Jesus? Do you know Him as your Savior? Are you sure?

Many people seem to think they are Christians just because they have attended church for their whole life or because of their family history in the church. Neither of these brings salvation to anyone. Only deep belief, acceptance of salvation, and repentance from your sins will bring you to complete sanctification. Living your days and the rest of your life by learning about Jesus and studying His Words will truly mature your faith and give you the armor of God to keep you protected from Satan and his temptations in your life. Just because you become a Christian doesn’t make your life easier and it doesn’t make you immune from temptation. God’s Presence in your life gives you the strength to persevere every day.

I pray that each person who reads this post, even though it is short, will renew their faith in Jesus or even invite Him into their hearts. We are living in the end times and we are at the edge of the Tribulation. Please seek Him out as your Savior if you haven’t yet.

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