How many of us feel this way? There are many I would suppose, although I suspect there are many who will not own it. Being selfish is a common theme in the Bible although it is characterized by pride more often than not. Pride in yourself and your accomplishments can also show itself as “selfish”. But aren’t we supposed to be proud of ourselves sometimes? Yes, but not exclusively so. This word is also associated with self-love or narcissism.

Why am I writing about this? Because being selfish seems to be one of the problems that many people in the Bible have. They want their way. They want to be in charge. They want to be like God.

Do you know anyone who fits that description? The only “person” that I know of that fits this exact description is Satan, but there are some people who act this way as well. God loves people and He gives us the opportunity to be saved from eternal separation from Him.

We have the opportunity to follow Jesus and be His follower for the rest of our life. Don’t turn away from the call of the Holy Spirit in your life. Don’t push Him away because He loves you. Your eternity with Him is the reward, seek Him.

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