Invest time in…

Any time that you want a relationship of any kind you have to invest some time in it. Nothing comes quickly that is lasting. Money doesn’t. Friendships don’t. Marriage relationships don’t begin with deep, abiding love. There is affection and hope and a friendship that should develop as well but eventually, love becomes deeper and more meaningful and not so dependent on feelings or things. This is also how a relationship with Jesus grows. By learning about Him in His Word, praying to Him for understanding and wisdom, and learning to follow Him in everything that you do.

A relationship with Jesus doesn’t come from one hour or so on Sunday morning each week. If you don’t seek Him on a daily basis in the Bible and go to church to learn more about Him on a weekly schedule, then you are missing out on so much. The disciples were with Him every day for over three years and even that was just the beginning. Marriage and a relationship with Jesus require the same commitment in your life but many people don’t look at either relationship with regard to a commitment.

You and I are required to be accountable in every relationship but our society today wants to choose whether we should be accountable or not. It seems that most people don’t want to be accountable for their relationships or for their actions on a daily basis. Whether we are accountable in this life or not, we will be held accountable when we are standing in front of Jesus when we come into eternity. Whether you like this idea or not doesn’t matter, God will hold you accountable for every word and deed in this life. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior then you are still accountable for how you conducted your life after you became a Christian.

While it is true that your sins are covered by the blood of Jesus, your witness of Him and the change brought into your life by Him is still a part of your life. We are required to tell others about the wonderful things that Jesus has done for us and if you don’t tell someone when you have the chance you will still be held accountable for how you did it or not. You will have to explain why you didn’t tell someone who may not know Jesus as their Savior. How many people have you been around every day that need to know Jesus as their Savior? How many people have you been in line with or encountered at the store that you might have told about Jesus? Do you even think about telling others about Him?

When Jesus told His disciples to begin in Jerusalem and then take the message to the whole world, this is also our order to take what we have been given to those who need it. God has given us the most valuable gift that we could ever have in this life…salvation through Jesus Christ. Isn’t it worth giving away? The value that God places on each of our souls amounts to more than all of the wealth in the world and it was worth it to Him to sacrifice His Son to save us from eternal death. That gift that we have been given by our Creator and our Savior is worth giving away even if we only give it to one person who will receive it.

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