Do you know Jesus Christ?

Does He know you?

Knowing about Jesus doesn’t help. Knowledge of the Bible, attending church, and knowing about Jesus does NOT save your soul. You have to believe in Him for your salvation and repent of your sinful life, and determine that you will never go back in the direction you came from. Follow Him into eternity. Ask Him to come into your life and cleanse your heart and soul. He will do it if you mean what you are asking Him for. He knows your heart. He knows if you are just saying the words or if you are sincere about your repentance.

Saying the words and walking down the aisle at a church is not enough if your heart is not in it. God loves you and He made a way for you to be saved from hell. Through your faith in Jesus and your belief in Him as your Savior, you can have eternity with Him. You have eternity ahead of you even if you go to hell but you will not see God after your judgment. Hell was prepared for the devil and his demons, not for humans. Hell is the total absence of life and God is not there. He knows what is happening there, but He isn’t there.

If Jesus knows you then you don’t have to worry about hell. There are many people who have attended church for most of their lives and they have never really accepted Jesus as their Savior. As I mentioned earlier, attending church does not save your soul. Jesus Christ is the only way to gain entrance into Heaven. Give your heart to Him and your eternal home is secure. Faith comes through hearing the gospel and it takes faith to bring you to salvation. I pray that even more of you will give your lives to Jesus soon because we are living in the time of the end of the age.

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