Have we become tired?

Many, it seems, have become tired of waiting for the return of Jesus. It has been over two millennia and has not come yet. He hasn’t come, even though He said He would return. We don’t know when He will return and we cannot know it because only God knows the day and the hour. God will tell the angels and Jesus when it is time to claim the church and bring them into His house.

So many have held onto the hope of His coming but have gone ahead of us to be with Him. They will be the first to rise on that day, then we will rise to meet them in the air and always be with the Lord! So many have gone ahead of us and they will be the multiple thousands and thousands standing before the throne. Wait for the Lord’s timing and the trumpet will sound one day and it is not far in the future. When that wonderful day comes it will be a glorious day for us who belong to Jesus but woe and tribulation will come on the rest of the world beginning on that day.

Believe in Jesus and His atonement for your sins and you shall be saved. That day will come and with all of the prophecies fulfilled up until that day, it will likely be sooner than most believe it will be. Nobody can predict the day or the hour that it will happen but considering that everything that was foretold in God’s Word has come to pass already…there is nothing left except the taking away of the church. God may be waiting for that very last person to accept Jesus as their Savior and when that happens, the Trumpet of God will sound, and oh, what a glorious day that will be!

Whether it happens at night or in the daytime, the taking up of the church will be the exclamation point to prove to the world that God is true to His Word and that God’s Word, the Bible, is True. If you have ever felt a call in your heart to give your life to Jesus and ask Him to be your Savior, I beg you to seek Him out as soon as you can. Because, after the church is gone you can still place your faith in Him but the Holy Spirit will be gone from the Earth and evil will reign for seven years. It will be a very bad time to be a Christian. Not impossible, but you will have to rely on Him so much more than you ever thought you would need to.

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