Many days we ask this question of ourselves and of God too. But…why? If you look at your hands and your feet you can see that God created each of us as unique individuals. When you look at the stars at night or at the birds and the trees you are seeing His handiwork. When you hear a newborn cry or see a baby animal of any kind, you are seeing His creation and His ability to keep all things alive and fulfilling their purpose in His creation.

God is the Creator. There is no evolution process that is going on in the world. It is His design and His ability to create that brings all of the differences and varieties of life into our world. Many of the “evolutionary” differences in all of the wonderous environments are adaptations. The universe is as it was when He created it all about six thousand years ago. You can tell me or anyone else that “carbon dating” shows this age but don’t you think that God can give rocks and stars the appearance of age? I do.

I know I don’t usually write about “why?” but the point of this blog is to make you think. Think about your Creator and your Redeemer. God cares about our little planet because He wants to. He doesn’t have to have a reason. God chooses those who He wants to choose for salvation and for the work that He needs them to do. Sometimes He chooses people, like me, who didn’t really want to work for Him, to begin with, but after a number of things that got my attention…I finally came around.

God loves us, all of us, but He knows who is stubborn enough to resist or even to walk away from HIs call. He sent His Son to bring us the possibility of salvation and an eternity in heaven. The problem is that many people don’t like the simplicity of salvation. They think that God needs their help or assistance to finish the process but He doesn’t. Remember the thief on the cross? He had no way of being baptized or of doing any “good works”. All he did was believe that Jesus was the Messiah and Jesus told him that he would be with Him in Paradise that day.

Believe in Him and you shall be saved. It is that simple.

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