What do you mean?

I have lived in what is called the “Bible Belt” all of my life. When I was a lot younger I never understood what that meant. But when I began driving 18-wheelers about thirty-some years ago (which didn’t last very long), I noticed that in other parts of the country there weren’t many churches. Oh, they were there but not like they were in the South. Most small towns in the South have at least two or more churches in the city limits and some communities have them scattered up and down the back roads too. That is something that is not seen outside of Dixie.

Now, just because I called it Dixie doesn’t mean I’m racist. People who live in the South and the Southeastern United States know exactly what I’m talking about.

Life in the South moves at a different pace than it does anywhere else. Mostly due to the humidity and the heat that begins in May and stays with you all the way to Thanksgiving…sometimes. Occasionally, it might begin a little earlier than May and hopefully, it won’t last into November at all. It didn’t when I was a child, but this “global warming” has pushed the heat into places where it shouldn’t be.

I used to hear about the “dry” heat out West and I did live for a little while out there. They weren’t kidding about it being dry! Coming from Mississippi I was used to more humidity than they even have when it is raining! I had my first nosebleed while I was out there and it was due to the dry conditions.

I’m not complaining about the dryness or the humidity in this post but God’s world is very different than it was thirty years ago and it will be getting worse in some ways before things get better. Why do I say this? Because God’s Word says that our world is going to pay for all of their sinful ways during the Tribulation and we are living right on the edge of that time right now. I pray that everyone who reads this will pick up a Bible and read the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel. They complement each other and will give you something to think about.

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