Wisdom for Life

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before deciding to be happy. Nightbirde

The quote above is from an AGT contestant who died from cancer. She was fighting it while trying to gain a spot on America’s Got talent. It really is true and sad at the same time that she was such a good singer and yet cancer took her away before she could realize her dream. Her attitude toward life is inspiring and humbling too but it is one that I believe we should all try to live every day.

God didn’t bring this pandemic on the people of the world for punishment, He allowed it to happen because people need to wake up and look to Him for healing and salvation. Unfortunately, many younger people seem to be turning away from a religion of any kind. In some areas, there seems to be an awakening of those who need to turn to Jesus and many people are giving their hearts to Him. The difference is in the reaction of our nation and the world itself.

It seems that many people in the media and on social media as well are turning their backs on any news that relates to Christian salvation. Whether it is happening in America or somewhere else it is a good thing, but the media is still ignoring it. This is something that I cannot understand. Why? Because salvation is good news and the media doesn’t want to publicize “good news”. I would rather hear two minutes of good news than twenty minutes of drug commercials and ten minutes of news blurbs.

Life is hard sometimes but when you depend upon God for your provision and for your salvation, life will work for you and not against you. God can make that happen if you will let Him do it. I know that we tend to think “I can do this myself”; no…you can’t do everything yourself. God loves us and He intended for us to walk through life with Him. Acting like a toddler and saying “I can do it myself” is a sure way to find out that you can’t. God gives us the strength and the ability to do everything in our life, but it works better when we realize that we need Him to be in it with us.

The entire world is speeding toward a time when life itself is going to be harder to live. Food and shelter will be hard to come by and other necessities will be more expensive. Some to the point of being beyond many people’s ability to pay. We are truly living at the very edge of the time foretold in the book of Revelation so I implore you to seek your Savior as soon as possible and give your heart to Him, repent of your sinful life and begin serving Him while there is time. The day of the rapture of the church is approaching. I don’t know when but it is not far away. It is much closer than it has ever been before.

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