God gives us His grace. We, as Christians, have been touched by God through grace and it is because of His grace that we can be saved through faith in Jesus. God does this because He wants a relationship with us, which is why He created us in the first place. He doesn’t want us to mindlessly follow Him but to want to follow Him and love Him. That’s why we have been given the gift of choice. Although many of us choose to be stubborn and follow our own ways rather than His.

This is why there are so many religions. We create our version of “god” so that we can relate to him and still enjoy our own ideas of living a happy life. The problem with this is that the “god” that we create is a false god and it cannot help us in any way at all. God can help us in every way that we need. He is our Creator and Redeemer! God loves us and cares for us better than we know ourselves. When you are praying to God, Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, you are speaking to your Creator and Redeemer who formed you in the womb. He knew you even before you were born.

These “gods” that we create in our minds, even if it is based upon our idea of Who God is, are false gods and are not real. People may say that they don’t practice idolatry but when you hear someone say, “my god would never send someone to hell”, that is exactly what they are doing! They have created a god that they can understand and who will allow them to be themselves without having to worry about “commandments” and going to church.

God gives us grace through faith in Jesus Christ and it is because of this that we can come to Him and know Him and be known by Him. It is not because of anything that we have done or any amount of attendance of services. We cannot be good enough to earn our salvation because it was paid for by Jesus for us. It is a gift from God the Father to each of us who will believe in Jesus Christ for our salvation. Period.

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