Ever wonder…?

What did God think of when He first thought of you? Did He think of your eye color or your skin color? Did He look at the person that you would become and think “Wow, how did I do that?”

He could see all of those things before you were ever born. Even before your grandparents were born. But…that last question, God never thought “How did I do that?”. He knew how to put you together and which talents and abilities He would give you. He knew all of this and more, many years before you were born. So, what do you think He feels when a child is aborted? He knew that their mother or father would want them aborted but don’t you believe that He hoped for them to live?

God predetermined many things for our lives that we won’t find out about for years. We may be in heaven before we find out exactly what He had planned for us. I pray that I finally became the person that He had planned for me to be. God knows each of us intimately and He loves us completely. So when you turn away from Him or refuse to give your life to Jesus, I think it hurts God’s heart a bit.

We truly are living in those “last days” before Jesus’ return. I pray that everyone who reads this will seek Him out as their Savior before our time is up. When that happens, the whole world will know that the Bible and its message was true but it may be too late at that point. Please make sure of where your eternity will be while you can.

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