Bible study

That is something that I used to dislike with a passion. Why? Because I thought I was saved and didn’t need to study the Bible. Kinda like having “insurance” against the flames. At the time I thought being saved just meant accepting Jesus as your Savior…period. I didn’t think there was anything that I should do from that point on. But when you truly are saved and you realize that you really needed Him…that is when God truly got your attention. Before you were trying to “do it yourself”. You walked down the aisle and you might’ve even been baptized but you only got wet. There was no change and you didn’t feel the need to change anything.

That is the type of “faith” I had many years ago. It wasn’t real. Even though I thought it was for a while. But eventually, I would go right back to where I was before. As they say, “it didn’t take”. The fact is, I was just trying to do it myself. When God touches your heart and breaks it, He shows you why you need Him and that He can fill that empty place that you’ve known about for a long time. When this happens, studying your Bible becomes real. It teaches you about your Savior and your Creator. The Bible also reads your spirit, because every time you read a chapter or a book in it you will find a pearl of new wisdom or truth that you didn’t see before.

Studying God’s Word is the best way to learn about Him and His voice so you will know when you hear Him speak. If you don’t know His voice then Satan can speak to you and deceive you easily. While I was a pastor, I read through the Bible at least once every year. Since I’ve been away from preaching in a church, I actually read it more than once per year. God’s Word never gets old or stale because it is His Living Word. Give your heart to Him and get acquainted with Him more than ever by reading His Word every day.

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