The act of making someone feel a certain way for being or believing a certain creed or lifestyle. This is what is happening in America today and depending on which side you may be on it is okay to do this to certain people. I’m not poking fun at or pointing a finger at anyone here but our government is doing it more than it should. They are conducting a farce of a “trial” about a citizen-led group of people and on the other side of the “proverbial coin” are asking people to point out certain people (judges and clinics) who don’t agree with their “agenda”. They are also asking people to attack and destroy “clinics” that they don’t want to be available, but this is acceptable in their viewpoint.

Intimidation happened in the past during Jesus’ ministry and it has been happening in every century since then. But…when you say something about it or point it out there is all sorts of name-calling and anger that comes out. Living in this world has become more intimidating and harder to handle especially from a Christian point of view. So, how do we manage our lives in light of the way that everyone looks at Christians and their beliefs?

We need to live our lives the way that Jesus told us to. Do not worry. Life is too short to worry about today or tomorrow. God is the One on our side and He controls what is happening or even what will happen. Why worry or even feel intimidated by the world? God is in control and He is our Savior and Lord, why would you feel the need to worry? Give your heart to Jesus. Follow Him and learn from His Word because the Bible is the best educational Book available.

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