Life is in His habitation

There are many today who would read that and wonder “what is he talking about?”. Jesus said that He would return and take us to a place that He prepared for us. He is coming, although the world around us doesn’t seem to know it. They are more concerned with everyday things. What they are going to eat or drink when things become scarce? This is the question they are worried about. Jesus said that we shouldn’t worry. The birds don’t worry because God provides for them. The flowers of the field are more beautiful than any clothing designers sell but they only last a day or so, yet we tend to worry about our immediate problems. Why?

Can you change your hair color or make the flowers bloom? God is in control whether you acknowledge it or not. Believe in Him for your provision and live it every day because He loves you more than anyone else! God has a plan and His plans always work out no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

Jesus came to offer and give us life in Him, all we have to do to claim it is to believe in Him and repent of our old ways. Become a disciple of His and daily walk with Him because He loves you and He will provide for you. What makes me say that Life is in Him? Because God is the author of Life! He is the Creator and He gave you life. Just as He gave life to every person and animal and creature on the Earth and He offers eternal life to each of us if we will repent of our ways and follow Him believing that He can and will do as He promised in the Bible!

There is no life in hell. No water, no chance to rest, no “good” thing at all is available to you there. Regardless of all of your “friends” who say that there will be an eternal party in hell, that is not how it will be. Joy and happiness do not have a place there at all. If you want to enjoy life into eternity I suggest you seek Jesus to be your Savior now while there is time because if you die before accepting Him there are no second chances.

Even if it is right in front of them.

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