Commandments, not suggestions

Have you noticed how much people want to get rid of any mention of God or Jesus and especially their laws? The Ten Commandments were never “suggestions”, they are commandments and we should obey them. 

The first four commandments tell us how to obey and worship God. The other six tell us how we are to behave toward each other. That is why Jesus said that “we should love the Lord with all of our hearts, all of our souls and with all of our strength and all of our minds and the next commandment is that we should love our neighbor as ourselves”. Jesus didn’t dilute them, He just made ten into two but the two that He told the Pharisees about ARE the essence of the TEN.

Why can’t the church live by these commandments today? It seems that much of our problems in America could be fixed if these were taught in our homes and in our churches too. Life would be so much better if this was what we taught in schools to the children, but there are too many people worried about lawsuits and the separation of church and state. Teaching these is not an endorsement of any specific “religion or church”, it is teaching our young people the way they are supposed to act when they become adults!

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