What is important to you?

As human beings, I think our ability to enjoy life is very important to each of us. How we go about that is different for each of us, sometimes it is culturally different even in the same geographical area. We have different beliefs and cultures in every group of people in a city or a community and in the state or in the nation where we live. It is what makes us human. God created each of us in the womb to be special and to be specifically the person that He knows we can be. Sometimes it takes us many years to find that purpose because until we find our life in Him there is no way to know our true purpose.

Humanity has found a reason not to follow God’s ways and it seems that we are moving away from Him at a terrific pace. People don’t want to hear about your beliefs and few will tolerate it if you say “I’ll be praying for you”. It seems that the past few years, since the pandemic began, have taken most of our hope from us. The virus that we’ve had to deal with has killed many people, most of whom already had some serious health issues before they got the covid virus, so it made a bad situation worse. Most of the research shows that the virus by itself was about as deadly as the flu. But if you had an underlying condition, such as diabetes, the virus would increase your mortality because it would make your condition deadly.

This is the pestilence that was prophesied in the Bible long ago. Although it didn’t specifically name it we have so many other diseases like cancers and auto-immune disorders and heart disease and COVID-19 just makes all of those even more deadly than they are. What is my point? Our purpose in this life that God granted to each of us is to find our Savior and find our purpose in Him. Then live in that purpose until we are called home to be with Him. I pray that everyone who reads this will seek out their true purpose in Jesus Christ and live in it until that day!

That name is Jesus the Christ! Seek Him and only Him

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