Are you serving God?

Did you know that when we give our hearts to Jesus and become adopted children of God, we are also servants of the Most High God! We serve Him in our lives no matter what vocation we live or work in. Your life was purchased with the blood of Jesus two thousand years ago so live every day like you are working for God and His Kingdom. Because you are!

Serving God is not an optional part of life after you have truly given your heart to Jesus. It is a gift to God that all of us should be willing to give each and every day until we are called home to be with Him. Why should we live this way? Because every step that you take and every breath that you breathe is given to you by God. If you wake up in the morning, it is because of His love for you. If you get to be with your family one more day, it is a gift from Him. If you get a restful sleep tonight it is His gift to you. He doesn’t need you, but He loves you enough that you are special to Him. Every good thing in your life comes from Him every day, every hour that you live.

All of us serve Him in some way or another when we have become born-again in Christ. Your life, from that point on, is not your own. You are walking in a new life as a child of God and you are a servant of God too. Serve Him with distinction and a humble heart regardless of where you live or what He has called you to do. Jesus is coming soon so make sure your heart belongs to Him and that you are living in His will every day. Seek His will for your life in His Word, pray about it and listen to His answer because His voice is not loud but if you are listening, He will speak to you.

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