History teaches us that pain can cause people to act in such a way as to reduce the object of that pain. Oysters cover it with a substance that turns the source into something beautiful. Why can’t we learn to do something similar?

What can we do to ease the pain, regardless of what caused it? Go to God with your pain. Pray about your situation and let Him know that something is hurting you in this situation. He already knows that you are hurting but just as your earthly father wants you to ask for his help, God wants us to ask Him for help when we need His help. He doesn’t push salvation on us and He doesn’t help you without you asking for it. He will give you the strength and the ability to get through it every time…IF you ask Him.

Hunger and pain cause people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. If you have been paying attention to the news lately then you know that the food shortage for babies is only the beginning. The world’s producers of wheat are either buying up what they can on the market and hoarding it or they’ve stopped producing wheat for export completely. This year is not going to be as rosy as some are trying to convince you that it will be.

All of this was predicted in the Bible and if you’ve ever read the prophecies in Matthew and Luke and at the very beginning of the book of Revelation you can see it happening in real-time now. I pray that there will be many of you who will look to God for your salvation found in Jesus Christ alone. Because there will be a day coming sooner than many believe when those who gave their hearts to Jesus will leave this Earth for their eternal home in heaven. After that…the news will show that what we think is bad now is just a tiny fraction compared to what is coming.

Don’t put off your salvation in Jesus. Please seek Him out today for your own eternity because even though some will be saved during the Tribulation, wouldn’t it be better to be in His house while hell is breaking loose on Earth?

8 thoughts on “Pain…

  1. Yes, the years just get darker and darker as we live on this Earth. I pray that people will see your message and come to the light of Jesus before it is too late. We must look beyond this evil world for relief from the inflictions of this life. Look beyond the pleasing, yet fading things this world offers, because this is not our home. This world, after all, is Satan’s kingdom, which will soon pass away. Created by God, yet stricken with sin and depravity and ruled by Satan, the god of this world. This is the place we reside in until it’s time to go home.

      1. How are your wife and your children doing? Anything I can do for you today?

      2. Will do, thank you! I am going to yet another choir performance soon. When I get back, I will be releasing information on our second annual George Floyd/BLM virtual protest (write-a-thon), which will be this Wednesday, May 25. Is there any way you would like to contribute to this solemn occasion of prayerful reflection?

      3. OK! That is always a beautiful thing to do, and it is sacred duty as children of the Living God, our Holy Majesty.

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