Why is the church declining?

Don’t get me wrong, the church still exists…but barely. It has broken into so many different “congregations” and beliefs that it is no wonder that young people are confused about the message. Few churches preach or teach the same message. They twist it and “adapt” it to their audience so that everyone feels welcome. Jesus didn’t do that! He taught His message, God’s message, whether the people in the crowd liked it or not! If some walked away disgusted so be it. He was more interested in those who heard the message and wanted it to make a difference in their lives.

I watch Matt Hagee preach some days, early in the morning, and when the camera picks up people in the crowd it is amazing the differences you can see in the people’s faces. Some seem to be giving God the glory and praising Him during the service. While others seem to be indifferent to the message and just want him to get it over with. Then there are some who seem to be listening but the expression on their face is hard to read. It may be that they are interested in the content or they agree with what is being said…these are the people that aren’t quite sure what to do with the message. Why?

It could be that they are truly searching for the Truth of God’s Word. It could be that they feel the need for a Savior to make a difference in their lives but they’re not sure…yet. What will happen on that day when Jesus comes to take the church, His Bride, home to be with Him? Those who were indifferent will be angry at themselves because they didn’t listen prayerfully. Those who were interested in the message, and agreed that they needed Jesus hopefully made that decision before the Trumpet sounds.

The problem that I see in the crowds at Cornerstone church and other television crowds is that there are too many who want to wait or maybe “ride the fence” for a while. The problem with this is that we don’t know when God’s Trumpet will sound for us. The couple that wants to wait may be killed in a car wreck on the way home. The man who just wants the sermon to be over may have a heart attack this afternoon or tonight. Our individual “calling home” may happen before the Big call comes for the whole church and we have no idea when that call will come. Make sure of your salvation today before it is too late.

One thought on “Why is the church declining?

  1. Thank you for the continual reminder, Tracy. It hasn’t been easy being Vice Pesident of my Christia club this school year, although I will say that I have learned a lot. My club is seeing a rapid decline in attendees over the past two years. We have since been collaborating with a Christian fellowship organization from Northwestern Niversity to find ways to modify how club function next year. The hardest part is that this ast semester has been a time where almost NO one has been showing up to my presentations. In light of the nature of the material examined this semester, it is no surprise the club wants to “steer away from” sermons and start “attracting new members”. My goal is not to “attract” recruits, rather to show this generation the truth that so many often ignore. It is so sad to see that our youth don’t want to be doing anything related to “church” or ∈sus, and instead they want to be entertained with fun and games instead of being told that Satan is real and active, and that there is a Hell, or the beautiful gift of salvation that is promised to those who are willing to accept Christ. It’s a shame how far our youth has gone down the dark spiral of immorality. These are messages we don’t want to hear, let alone from a Christian organization with such a young age group. But, we must continue what we are commanded to do: To preach truth with love and grace.

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