Living with the Spirit

Jesus told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they were endued with power from God. The Holy Spirit is the One of the Trinity that gives us boldness just as He did with the disciples. He teaches us and guides us to be able to do the things that God is calling us to do. If you belong to Jesus and you have truly been clothed with the Spirit then you live with a Person of the Trinity every day. Think how wonderful that truly is! He is part of the Godhead and He teaches you about Jesus and helps you to understand the truths found in God’s Word.

Without the Holy Spirit’s influence, you wouldn’t have come to realize that you needed Jesus as your Savior. You didn’t make that decision on your own, it was God’s Holy Spirit that touched you and caused you to realize that you are a sinner. This is how every person has ever been led to the Person of Jesus for their salvation. Once you accept Him as your Savior, the Spirit comes to dwell inside you to teach you more about who you are in Christ and how to be His on a daily basis. We can’t walk as His children without the Holy Spirit guiding us every step of the way. Until we learn this and take it to heart in our daily lives, we are walking as if we are in the dark. We are trying to do “Christianity” in our own power and strength and we can’t do that.

Will God allow us to be this way? Yes, He will. Until we surrender our hearts and our life, taking up our cross every day, we will be living and trying to do His will on our own. It can’t be done that way. God will allow it until we realize that we aren’t getting it and then He will help us get back on track.

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