Grace for all

I wonder at times if Christians realize what a wonderful gift God has given us? His grace comes to us through the work of Jesus and it is because of this grace that we have hope in Him. We don’t deserve it and we have no way of earning it but God gives it to us freely when we believe in Jesus as our Savior. What a wonderful and loving Creator is He who loves us enough to extend His grace to each of us through Jesus the Christ!

Reading God’s Word allows us to learn of His love for us more deeply and completely because His love is not just for one race of people but for all. Learn of God and His grace and His love by reading the scriptures and seek Him as your Savior because the day is approaching that the whole world will see the Truth of God coming for His Bride. When that day comes and is done, the time of Tribulation will come upon the whole world. I pray that everyone who is looking for a Savior will seek Jesus soon.

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