8 thoughts on “He lives!

  1. Jesus lives! Because he lives, 5 are free! Amen!
    By the way, Tracy, thank you for continually friendlow my presentations. It’s been such a pleasure to be given the privilege to showcase my writing abilities to further the kingdom of God. Despite all the challenges I am facing right now, I will continue to proclaim the Good News no matter what the cost is! I am not going to stand by and continue to allow Satan to use my dark past to limit how I will contribute to the greater cause of furingring the Gospel, and being the teen God created me to be. Not even anyone in this world will convince me to leave the light! Amen!
    And thank you again for the devotion you emailed this week.

      1. I am only 17. Many call me an old soul, but I LOVE it! I cherish it and guard it with my life.

      2. The fact I have such spiritual insight plays a huge role in my growth, as well as my leadership in my club. On top of that, I have all the spiritual talents in the growing equation of blessings God has given me. And that is exactly why, I believe, people in school consistently bring up the past in a rather accusing way and sprinkling in Scripture and Christian slang in between. It’s the lies and their constant brushing up on my past, which I overcame. This truly, is what I would called, a season of testing.

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